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McGill University is committed to fulfilling its mission within an institutional environment that embraces equity and diversity. The University seeks to be proactive in attracting suitably qualified representatives of designated groups, as identified by federal and provincial legislation, as well as McGill’s Employment Equity Policy. These groups include women, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, racialized persons/visible minorities, and persons of minority sexual orientation or gender identity (LGBTT2SQ persons). For more information on designated groups or policy/legislation, please see McGill’s Employment Equity website.

Employment equity recruitment guidelines are to be followed by all units in the course of hiring ranked academic staff (tenure track and contract academic staff).


Each academic unit that is recruiting ranked academic staff must:

  • Ensure that all members of the search committee have attended a training on equitable recruitment practices.

  • Take steps to attract applications from suitably qualified members of the designated groups.  For support in attracting a diverse applicant pool, please contact McGill’s Employment Equity Advisor.

  • Include the following Equity Statement (with the mandatory immigration statement) in any position advertisement:



McGill University hires on the basis of merit and is strongly committed to equity and diversity within its community. We welcome and encourage applications from racialized persons/visible minorities, women, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, as well as from all qualified candidates with the skills and knowledge to productively engage with diverse communities.

McGill further recognizes and fairly considers the impact of leaves (e.g., family care or health-related) that may contribute to career interruptions or slowdowns. Candidates are encouraged to signal any leave that affected productivity, may have had an effect on their career path. This information will be considered to ensure the equitable assessment of the candidate’s record.

McGill implements an employment equity program and encourages members of designated equity groups to self-identify. It further seeks to ensure the equitable treatment and full inclusion of persons with disabilities by striving for the implementation of universal design principles transversally, across all facets of the University community, and through accommodation policies and procedures. Persons with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations for any part of the application process may contact, in confidence, Professor Angela Campbell, Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies) by email or phone at 514-398-1660.

INSERT the current English Immigration Clause found here (all ranked recruitments)




L’Université McGill recrute en fonction du mérite et s’engage fermement à respecter les principes d’équité et de diversité au sein de sa communauté. Nous accueillons favorablement les demandes d’emploi des personnes racisées et de minorités visibles, des femmes, des personnes autochtones, des personnes handicapées, des minorités ethniques, des personnes de toute orientation et identité sexuelles, ainsi que toute personne possédant les aptitudes et les connaissances lui permettant de travailler en collaboration avec diverses communautés.

McGill reconnaît en outre et considère à juste titre l’incidence de congés (comme les congés liés à des soins apportés à un membre de la famille ou liés à des problèmes de santé) qui auraient pu causer des interruptions ou des ralentissements de carrière. Nous encourageons les personnes candidates à nous informer de tout congé qui aurait eu un effet sur leur productivité, et conséquemment sur leur cheminement de carrière. Cette information sera prise en considération afin d’assurer une évaluation équitable du dossier de candidature.

L’Université McGill met en oeuvre un programme d’équité en matière d’emploi et invite les membres des groupes visés à indiquer leur appartenance à ces derniers dans leur dossier de candidature. L’établissement cherche également à assurer le traitement équitable et la pleine intégration des personnes handicapées en déployant tous les efforts nécessaires pour mettre en oeuvre les principes de design universel de manière transversale, parmi tous les aspects de la communauté de McGill, et à l’aide des politiques et des procédures sur les mesures d’adaptation en milieu de travail. Les personnes handicapées qui pourraient avoir besoin d’accommodements à n’importe quelle étape du processus de candidature sont invitées à communiquer en toute confidentialité avec la professeure Angela Campbell, vice-principale exécutive adjointe (équité et priorités académiques) par courriel ou par téléphone au 514-398-1660.

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  • Your acknowledgment to applicants should contain the following paragraphs:

    McGill University is committed to diversity and equity in employment, and implements an employment equity program. To this end, I draw your attention to McGill's Equity & Diversity Applicant Survey. We invite you to complete this survey online.

    When completing the survey, please use the following reference number [insert reference number], and complete the survey by [insert date].

  • Please provide job applicants with the employment equity reference number that relates to the position for which they have applied. For tenure-stream recruitments this number can be found here. This is particularly important in cases where a unit is conducting more than one job search in a given year. (For Contract Academic Staff recruitments, units are asked to create their own unique equity reference numbers for each position.)
  • Give applicants a deadline for completing the survey.
  • The hiring unit may request applicant equity data from the Academic Personnel Office and the Employment Equity Advisor at any point in the search.  
    Information from the Applicant equity survey is confidential, and may only be used by search committees to ensure adherence to McGill's Employment Equity Policy.  Specifically, a Search Committee Chair may use the information to:  1) evaluate the diversity of the applicant pool - where the pool is insufficiently diverse, a department may decide to extend the application period or reset the search; If the hiring unit is not satisfied with the response rate of the survey, they may send applicants a reminder to complete it; 2) verify the composition of the shortlist - all shortlists must contain at least one member of a designated group, and must be submitted to the Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies) to ensure compliance; 3) select the candidate – where candidates do not differ in merit, search committees are instructed to select the candidate from the group that is most underrepresented in their area. At the selection stage, the Chair may share equity data about short listed candidates with the rest of the search committee, in order to facilitate compliance with equity guidelines; and 4) report on the search -  data should be used to complete the Employment Equity Data Report, which should be submitted to the Academic Personnel Office.

  • Once a search committee has established its shortlist, it must confirm that at least one candidate on that list is a member of a designated equity group. This determination is to be made by consulting the equity data summary, which search committees obtained from Academic Personnel; if the shortlist does not include a member of a designated equity group, search committees are required to re-examine their applicant pool to identify any candidate who is a known member of a designated group who ranks among the top ten of all applicants. Any such candidate(s) should be added to the shortlist. This addition would not require eliminating any candidates on the original shortlist.

  • Chairs of search committees will share their shortlists with the Office of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), indicating whether the list includes at least one member of a designated equity group. If it does not, the chair of the search committee must provide assurance that no candidate in the top ten of the recruitment pool is a member of a designated group. Search committee chairs should send this documentation to the academic.personnel [at] mcgill.ca (Academic Personnel Office) as soon as possible after the shortlist is decided and the committee-level equity review is completed.
  • The Associate Provost (Equity and Academic Policies) will review documentation provided by search committees and will confirm to committee chairs that equity requirements have been met, or request that the shortlist be expanded to include additional candidates.
  • Subsequently in the recruitment process, the Dean’s recommendation for a new appointment must be accompanied by both the Employment Equity Data Report and a copy of the correspondence described above, including the initial submission by the search committee chair to the academic.personnel [at] mcgill.ca (Academic Personnel Office) regarding the composition of search committee shortlists and any subsequent exchanges between the chair and the Associate Provost. This information will be required before the Provost and Vice-Principal Academic will act upon a recommendation for a new hire.

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