Employment Guidelines for Administrative and Support Staff in Academic Duties

Administrative and support staff may, as a consequence of their special expertise, be asked from time to time to assist in the teaching of undergraduate or graduate students. When administrative and support staff are asked to assist in the academic work of the University, the following guidelines shall apply:

  1. Teaching, in the context of academic duties, involves full responsibility for the development, delivery, evaluation and grade reporting of an approved course. Administrative and support staff performing such duties during the course of their normal working hours should hold a second and separate academic appointment in the classification of Course Lecturer. In such instances, the staff member's appointment shall be divided between the administrative and support appointment and the academic appointment, on a pro-rata basis consistent with the proportion of time spent on academic and administrative duties. Salaries apportioned to the administrative and academic appointments should be pro-rated, and based respectively on the staff member's equivalent full-time salary as an administrator and on current rates for Course Lecturers performing equivalent duties. If and when such teaching duties are discontinued the academic appointment shall be discontinued and the staff members salary shall revert to 100% administrator at the appropriate rate.

    Administrators and support staff who perform such duties in addition to their normal duties must hold a second and separate academic appointment as Course Lecturer, and must be reimbursed in addition to their regular salary.

    It shall be the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty to ensure that individuals appointed to such positions possess the necessary expertise to carry out their duties in a manner consistent with the University's expectations in the area of teaching.

    Administrative and support staff engaged in teaching shall be considered tenure-track/tenured non-academic staff for purposes of benefits, job security, etc.

  2. Training or instruction involves assistance in the delivery of specific elements of a course or laboratory, or demonstration of techniques/instruction in the use of specialized equipment. Such activity is judged to be consistent with the normal duties of support staff and should not be classified as academic duties.

    In cases where administrative and support staff are engaged in such duties, the settling of examination questions on material contributed to the course by such staff, and the marking of those questions, shall be the responsibility of the academic staff member in charge of the course. These duties shall not be delegated.

  3. Administrative and/or support staff may author or co-author research reports/publications. Such activity shall not, however, be a required component of terms of employment and shall not be identified as a requirement in the job descriptions of administrative and support staff.