Disability Leaves for Tenure-Track and Tenured Academic Staff

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Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability (STD) absences must be supported by a medical certificate to the University, certifying that the staff member is unable to perform normal duties due to ill health. STD coverage commences from the date of the medical certificate and continues for the period of time specified in the certificate. Any days of absence which precede the date of the medical certificate will not be included in the STD. The maximum length of an STD is six (6) months.

Medical certificates must clearly indicate a diagnosis and a prognosis and must be signed by a legally qualified medical practitioner. If the information provided is deemed inadequate, or if either the Benefits Office or the Faculty has reason to question the validity of such information, the staff member may be examined by a legally qualified medical practitioner arranged by the Benefits Office.

Short Term Disability Procedures

Staff are required to notify their Chair or Director without delay, in writing, when they must be absent for medical reasons.

The Chair or Director must forward the notification of absence to the Benefits Office, along with a Notice of Status Change form.

A medical certificate covering diagnosis, prognosis and expected duration of absence must also be provided by the staff member from the first day of absence. This certificate should be forwarded to the Benefits Office without delay. The Benefits Office determines the acceptability of the medical certificates and renders a decision on the leave.

Short Term Disability Replacement Funds

While a staff member is on STD, replacement funds are available. Information can be obtained by contacting HR-Benefits at 514-398-6250 (ext. 094805).

Long Term Disability

A disabled staff member is accepted on Long Term Disability (LTD) if unable to perform the essential duties of his/her normal occupation. Initially, LTD is for a period of up to twenty-four (24) months. Disability payments continue beyond twenty-four (24) months only if the staff member is deemed unable to perform any academic duties for which he/she is reasonably qualified by education, training or experience.

Long Term Disability Procedures

After 120 days of absence on an ongoing STD, the Benefits Office will send the staff member an application for LTD, with a copy to the Chair/Director. If the LTD application is returned promptly, notification of LTD eligibility is likely to be forthcoming prior to termination of STD benefits. In the event that STD benefits end prior to processing of the LTD claim, the staff member must be placed on an unpaid leave of absence, via a Notice of Status Change form, pending adjudication of the LTD claim.

The insurer's decision regarding the application for LTD benefits will be communicated to the staff member and the Chair/Director.

If the LTD application is accepted, the department must initiate a Notice of Status Change form.

The Benefits Office will endeavour to advise the Chair/Director at least one month prior to the staff member's expected to return to work, if applicable. Any functional limitations will be clearly identified. The staff member will also be advised to contact the Chair/Director for further information about his/her return to work.

Disability Leaves and Reappointment and Tenure Disability leaves of longer than 3 months count as periods of authorized leave for reappointment and tenure purposes. Staff members may request a delay in their reappointment or tenure consideration. For details, see Reappointing Tenure Track Academic Staff and Tenure Consideration.