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This page pertains to the "Appointing of Academic Staff", which is the step occurring after the Recruiting and Hiring processes have successfully been completed. Please visit the relevant pages pertaining to the Recruiting or Hiring of staff as found in the Deans' and Chairs' Guide section of our website.

Letters of Appointment

Formal letters of appointment for all ranked acacademic staff are issued by the Provost, acting on behalf of the Board of Governors of McGill University, or by the Board itself, for appointments with tenure.

The letter of appointment and the Regulations of the University, including the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff, the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Academic Staff, and the Regulations Relating to the Employment of Librarian Staff, as modified by the Board of Governors from time to time, form the entire contract with the University. No modification to the appointment has any validity unless approved by the Board of Governors.

Should you require any information regarding letters of appointment or the Regulations, please email academic [dot] personnel [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Academic Personnel Office), or call 514-398-3331.

McGill ID

Each new faculty member must have a McGill ID number and person profile activated in the Banner / Minerva system by the department or faculty administrator.  Please contact Human Resources Shared Services for assistance regarding this process.

Paying New Faculty
  1. Once the necessary approvals have been obtained, the department or faculty initiates a Minerva Appointment Form.
  2. This form is forwarded to the office of the relevant Dean and to the Academic Personnel Office (acting for the Provost) for approval.
  3. Once approved, the form is finalized by Human Resources, where the staff member's file is activated in Banner system.
  4. Human Resources ensures that the form receives the necessary budget approvals and the Payroll Office activates the pay.