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All tenure-track and ranked contract academic staff positions must be advertised according to the requirements below.

Requirements for Posting advertisements

Positions advertisements must be publicly posted in accordance with the following requirements:
   (a) One advertisement in University Affairs or the Canadian Association of University Teachers Bulletin;
   (b) A letter sent to the department heads of at least ten similar departments in Canada, where possible;
   (c) An advertisement in a Canadian professional journal or association website, where possible.

The department is required to submit advertisements to the Academic Personnel Office (APO) . It is important to retain and submit proof of payments for advertisements and ensure that the duration of the posting is indicated. Online advertisements that are submitted as PDFs must include the publication date and the URL.

Advertisements in French

Advertisements that are posted to University Affairs and/or the Canadian Association of University Teachers Bulletin, and that are included in letters to department heads at other universities should be in both official languages. Assistance is available from McGill Translations Services for a fee.

Advertising in International Publications

Advertising may be carried out in international and foreign publications simultaneously with Canadian advertising, provided that the Canadian advertising requirements above are met.

Coding of Advertising Information

The advertisement must specify the following:

  • University
  • Faculty or department
  • Position title
  • Qualifications required
  • Nature of duties
  • Salary. If not indicated, salary will be negotiable and commensurate with qualifications and experience
  • Person(s) to whom inquiries should be addressed
  • Classification and term of appointment
  • Deadline for receiving applications, with the understanding that is a mandatory one-month waiting period
Immigration Statement

The advertisement must include the following immigration statement:

"All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply; however, in accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority."
"On encourage tous les candidats qualifiés à postuler; veuillez noter que conformément aux exigences de l'immigration canadienne, la priorité sera toutefois accordée aux Canadiens ainsi qu'aux résidents permanents."
Equity Statement

The advertisement must contain the equity statement found at: Employment Equity Guidelines - Academic Recruitment

Advertising Template

Departments should use a University Template in advertising new positions. 

How It Works


The advertising templates are on standing order at these two journals. If you would like to use the templates, simply send your text to the journals letting them know that you wish to use the McGill University advertising template.

Other Publications

For all other publications, Printing Services can arrange a transfer of the template once the ad specifications (number of columns per page, column width, etc) are known.

Please contact Printing Services to discuss the details.

What Does It Cost?


Prices vary according to the length of your text. Contact ads [at] (CAUT)/ua [at] (AUCC) for pricing depending on your text's length. You will not be paying for the design of this template.

Other Publications

You do not pay for the design of this template. The PDF files linked to this website show approximate rates for AUCC and CAUT. Final costs must be worked out between you and the publication you will be using, depending on the length of your ad text.

Viewing the Template


Only the AUCC has provides examples in PDF format with current rates. This PDF file is just an example, so don't be put off by the Latin in the body text. (It's all Greek to me!)  The CAUT templates are most likely very similar. The CAUT PDF does not have any examples of the adverts themselves, but does give the rates for different ad sizes.

Other Publications

The AUCC PDF file can also be viewed to get a general feeling for what the adverts might look like in other publications. Please remember that any rates quoted are for CAUT or AUCC, as indicated in the appropriate PDF file.
Templates for Position Advertisements

 Effective September 10, 2018:  All CRC positions must be posted on the Provost's CRC Opportunities webpage for a minimum of 30 days prior to the closing of the competition. This applies to recruitments and internal calls.

A department must submit a CRC job advertisement to crc.provost [at] for vetting before it can be posted.

McGill is responsible to submit approved CRC job advertisements to the CRC Program on the same day the advertisement appears online.

Contact crc.provost [at] with questions.

CRC Tiers 1 and 2 - Open Rank

File EN_Template advertisement_CRC Tiers 1 and 2 - Open rank

File FR_Modèle Publicitaire_CRC de niveau 1 ou 2 - Rang ourvert

CRC Tier 1 - Associate or Full Professor

File EN_Template advertisement_CRC Tier 1 - Associate or Full Professor

File FR_Modèle Publicitaire_CRC de niveau 1 - professeur agrégé ou professeur titulaire

CRC Tier 2 - Assistant or Associate Professor

File EN_Template advertisement_CRC Tier 2 - Assistant or Associate Professor

File FR_Modèle Publicitaire_CRC de niveau 2 - professeur adjoint ou professeur agrégé

CRC Tier 2 - Assistant Professor

File EN_Template advertisement_CRC Tier 2 - Assistant Professor

File FR_Modèle Publicitaire_CRC de niveau 2 - professeur adjoint