Academic Administrative Appointment Process

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SECTION 1: Academic Administrative Appointments Which Receive a Provostial Letter of Appointment/Reappointment

Types of Appointments The following academic administrative appointments, reappointments, or modifications require a memo from the Dean to the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic). Definitions can be obtained from here.
  • Associate Dean [specify area]
  • Assistant Dean [specify area]
  • Chair
  • Director (Department-equivalent units)
  • Associate Chair or Director
  • Acting Chair or Director
  • Interim Chair or Director
  • Director (Other)

To be eligible to be appointed to one of these positions, an academic staff member must hold a primary tenure-track or tenured or CAS position.

Required Documentation The following must be submitted to the academic.personnel [at] (Academic Personnel Office) with each request for appointment, extension, or reappointment:
  • CV (new appointments only)
  • Dean's memo outlining the following items:
    • Specify whether appointment, reappointment, or extension;
    • Specify title – eg. Chair, Acting Chair;
    • Specify length of term;
    • Start date of term;
    • End date of term (if the end date is unclear for any reason, such as for an interim position, a qualifier can be added to the appointment letter, eg. "…ending dd-mmm-yyyy, or until such a time as a new chair/director is appointed, whichever date comes first");
    • Stipend amount per annum.
Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic)'s Appointment Letter The official appointment letter is prepared by the Academic Personnel Office for signature by the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic). Once finalized, it is sent to the incumbent.
Banner/Minerva It is the Department's (or Faculty's where there are no Departments) responsibility to initiate the Minerva Appointment Form and processes it to HR for approval once the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) has sent the appointment letter. A copy of the appointment letter will be forwarded to HR by Academic Personnel. No Minerva Appointment Form can be approved until the appointment letter is finalized.
Reappointments/Extensions The procedures noted above also apply to reappointments or extensions.
Administrative Stipends and Implications on Pensions
New and renewed stipends which take effect after January 1st, 2012 will not be included in the Defined Benefit Minimum (DBM) Pension Entitlement. This applies to all campus- and hospital-based appointments.

The stipend will be eligible for member and University contributions under the Defined Contribution Component of the Pension Plan, subject to contributions limits established by the Canada Revenue Agency.

SECTION 2: Administrative Appointments Which Do NOT Receive a Provostial Letter

For the positions described below, it is the Department's (or Faculty's where there are no Departments) responsibility to initiate the Minerva Appointment Form. Once the appointment is approved, Human Resources will finalize the Minerva Appointment Form into the Banner System.

Position Note(s)
Branch Head Both of these are approved by the Dean of Libraries for exclusive use within McGill's Library system.
Team Coordinator

Medical Directors Contact the Office of the Dean of Medicine for required documentation.

Program Directors These are approved by the Department Chair. The Dean must be notified of all such appointments.