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Adjunct Professor (contract academic staff)

An unranked contractual appointment, for a duration of longer than one academic term.  Appointee is employed by government, industry, a profession or an institution other than McGill.  Employee participates in teaching (including co-supervision of graduate students) and/or research activities (including grant administration), in addition to related academic activities, in the academic unit to which he or she is appointed.  This classification cannot be used if the appointment is strictly to teach one or more courses (see Course Lecturer appointment).

The Regulations Relating to the Employment of Contract Academic Staff (CAS) govern this academic classification.

Listed below are further guidelines and procedures which supplement the Regulations.



Approval of Recruitment Mandatory Curriculum vitae and letter of offer
Advertising Not required  
Employment Equity Not applicable  
Immigration Mandatory for non-Canadians Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Appointment Type Contract Academic Staff, Unranked, not eligible for tenure CAS-2.5, CAS-6.1.2, and CAS-8.7
Initial Appointment Term Definite Term not exceeding 3 years CAS-8.4.1
Joint Appointment Possible? Not applicable. If a secondary academic affiliation is desired, please see Affiliate Member
Recommended Minimum Credentials An academic or professional appointment at another university or institution
Required Approvals to Appoint See Link to Right CAS Approvals - Appointments
Required Documentation to Appoint See Link to Right Submitting a Recruitment Dossier for Contract Academic Staff Hires
Salary Minima Quebec Labour Standards minima unless appointed as "nil salary" Quebec Labour Standards
Work Permit Required for all non-Canadians, with the exception of Permanent Residents of Canada
Official Letter of Appointment From Dean or Departmental Chair
Terms/Conditions of Appointment Determined by Departmental Chair CAS-8.5
FTE in Minerva/Banner see Link to right Guidelines to FTE


Reappointment Term Definite term not exceeding 3 years CAS-8.4.2
Indefinite Term Not applicable
Promotion Not applicable
Required Approvals to Reappoint See Link to Right CAS Approvals - Reappointments
Required Documentation to Reappoint See Link to Right Contract Academic Staff Reappointment Process
Official Letter of Reappointment From Dean or Departmental Chair
Required Approvals to Change Status See Link to Right CAS Approvals - Change of Status


Severance Eligibility Not applicable CAS-8.7
Notice of Termination 30 Calendar Days CAS-8.6