Contract Academic Staff - Ranked Descriptors

Descriptors are applicable to all CAS Assistant, Associate and Full Professor positions, and in some cases Faculty Lecturers.

Descriptors are applicable on both regular and nil-salary positions.

Clinical Academic duties primarily related to clinical teaching and training of medical and dentistry students and residents, and related research, in affiliated hospitals and health centres – the terms and conditions of employment are established by the faculties of Medicine or Dentistry and the relevant medical institution – appointee will be a duly licensed medical or dental professional who holds, and maintains, a concurrent appointment in an affiliated hospital.

The “clinical” designation may also be used for appointees who are members of other professions and whose duties relate to the clinical teaching and training of students.
Professional Academic duties primarily related to instruction, training, research related, and/or administrative responsibilities to the practice, methods and values of the appointee’s profession, discipline or vocation.
Research Academic duties primarily involve research, typically supported by ‘soft’ funds.
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Teaching Appointments that are primarily based in teaching or in leading education initiatives within a Faculty or unit.