Message from the Provost & V-P (Academic) re: Pre-Tenure Academic Staff

The below message was sent to all tenure-stream academic staff on 26 March 2020.

Dear colleagues,

One week ago I wrote to acknowledge the ways in which the current global crisis has disrupted our academic activities on so many levels, with resultant stresses and uncertainty for all of us. In that communication, I underscored my awareness of the particular disquiet that our most junior colleagues might be experiencing, as they wonder whether and how present circumstances might impact their respective paths toward reappointment and tenure.

As McGill’s chief academic officer, my singular objective is to facilitate the wellbeing and success of all students and faculty, including by reducing stress points and burdens where possible. With that in mind, and with the support of all Faculty Deans, we have decided that all pre-tenure colleagues will be allowed to elect to defer their consideration for reappointment and tenure by one full year. Concretely, this means that all current pre-tenure appointments can be extended by one year. This extension does not count against the maximum two-year extension to reappointment and tenure clocks for periods of authorized leave permitted under McGill’s Regulations Relating to the Employment of Tenure Track and Tenured Academic Staff (ss. 6.10 and 7.5).

Please note that extending the time toward reappointment and tenure consideration is entirely optional; any colleague who wishes to seek reappointment or tenure at their ordinary time of consideration is free to do so. This initiative is offered as an option to offer flexibility and reduce anxiety for our pre-tenure colleagues.

Colleagues who wish to defer tenure consideration in light of this option must advise their Chair/Director and Dean by June 1 of their year of tenure consideration.

Colleagues who wish to defer reappointment consideration in light of this option must advise their Chair/Director and Dean at least one month before their reappointment dossier is due in their Department.

These and other details will be shared on the Academic Personnel website shortly.

Please accept my heartfelt expressions of thanks to all of you as we work together to support one another and demonstrate our resourcefulness and perseverance in our work in these worrisome times.


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