Approval of Courses and Teaching Programs

For information on courses and programs offered at McGill, follow the link to the University Calendars.

For more information on new programs or program revisions, please contact theTeaching_programs.provost [at] ( Associate Provost (Teaching & Academic Planning)).

For more documentations, consult the overview of the full review process, click here.

Approval of Courses and Teaching Programs

At McGill, the creation, revision, and retirement of credit-courses and teaching programs are subject to evaluation and approval by:

  1. The relevant academic committees of the teaching unit and Faculty, and
  2. University academic committees which assume a central quality-control function

The central academic committees are (in sequence):

For non-credit courses, approval decisions rest with the Academic Committee of the School of Continuing Studies and/or with the faculties that offer them. This does not include CEU courses and programs.

For credit courses and minor/moderate teaching program revisions, approval rests with SCTP.

For major teaching program revisions and new components of existing programs, approval rests with APC.

For all new degree programs, Certificates and Diplomas, Senate approval is required.

Proposals for new teaching programs that lead to a new degree-and-subject-combination designation require evaluation by the Commission d’évaluation des projets de programmes (CEP) of the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) and then approval by the Comité des programmes universitaires (CPU) of the Québec Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur (MES).

Link: SCTP Forms and Guidelines (new courses, courses/program revision, etc.)

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