Data and Analysis

We analyze data at the institutional level on various areas including students, faculty, staff, research, government funding, and policies for education to name only a few.

APB's planning role entails drawing insight from analyses and proposing actionable courses of actions to the University's Executive Team.

Benchmarking nationally and internationally is an important component of what we do. APB exchanges data within the U15 (Group of Canadian Research Universities) as well as the AAU (Association of American Universities). The data exchange contributes in keeping the University aware of various development in Higher Education impacting its future.  It also allows it to be constantly aligned with the most prestigious Educational Institution in the world. 

Some questions we investigate are;

  • Does McGill have the optimal enrollment mix model? 
  • Is there a funding gap between Quebec and other Canadian Universities? 
  • How is the new Provincial or Federal Budget impacting McGill and Higher Education in Canada?
  • How could McGill continue to attract top students and faculty members from around the world?
  • How to choose, track and implement the university’s Key Performance Indicators to stay aligned with McGill's strategic goals?

These are the type of questions APB answers by providing various analyses to McGill's Executive team.

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