Andre Costopoulos

Adjunct Professor

Ph.D University of Oulu (Finland), 1999

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855 Sherbrooke Street West                          
Leacock Stephen Building, 7th Floor
Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2T7

Contact via andre.costopoulos [at] (Email).

Research Interests

Evolution of social complexity, quantitative and computational methods on archaeology, agent-based simulation in anthropology, prehistoric exchange networks, prehistory of northern Europe.

Representative Publications

Wren CD and A Costopoulos (accepted). Does environmental knowledge inhibit hominin dispersal? Human Biology.

Xue JZ, F Guichard, A Costopoulos 2015. The supply of phenotypic variation can drive long-term evolutionary trends even with strong natural selection. Complexity. DOI: 10.1002/cplx.21660.

Auger N, M Daniel, L Mortensen, A Costopoulos 2015. Stillbirth in an Anglophone minority of Canada, International Journal of Public Health 60:353-362.

Dalva M, TR Moore M Kalacska, G Leblanc, A Costopoulos 2015. Nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide from experimental pig graves. Forensic Science International 247:41-47.

Costopoulos A 2015. How did Sugarscape become a whole society model? In G Wurzer, K Kowarik and H Reschreiter (eds), Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation in Archaeology, Springer :259-269.

Xue JZ, A Kaznatcheev, A Costopoulos, F Guichard 2015. Fidelity drive: a mechanism for chaperone proteins to maintain stable mutation rates in prokaryotes over evolutionary time. Journal of Theoretical Biology. 364:162-167.

Wren CD, JZ Xue, A Costopoulos, A Burke 2014. The role of spatial foresight in models of hominin dispersal. Journal of Human Evolution 69 :70-78.

Auger N, L Vecchiato, AI Naimi, A Costopoulos, WD Fraser 2014. Stil birth rates among Haitians in Canada, Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology 28 :333-337.

Chrisomalis S and A Costopoulos (eds) 2013. Human Expeditions: Essays in honour of Bruce Trigger, University of Toronto Press.

Chrisomalis S and A Costopoulos 2013. Bruce Trigger: citizen scholar. In S Chrisomalis and A Costopoulos (eds), Human Expeditions: Essays in honour of Bruce Trigger, University of Toronto Press.

Costopoulos A 2012. The strange disappearance of Earnest Hooton. In Niinimaki et al (eds), Stones, Bones and Thoughts: Essay in honour of Milton Nunez, Oulu University.

Costopoulos A 2012. Can simulation be more than a heuristic device for the study of religion? Comment on Whitehouse et al, The role for simulations in theory construction for the social sciences: Case studies concerning Divergent Modes of Religiosity, Religion Brain and Behavior 2:203-05.

Dalva M, M Kalacska, TR Moore, A Costopoulos 2012. Detecting Graves with methane, Geoderma 189-190:18-27.

Costopoulos A, S Vaneeckhout, J Okkonen, I Paberzyte, E Hulse and CD Wren 2012. Social complexity in the mid-Holocene northeastern Bothnian Gulf.  European Journal of Archaeology 15:41-60.

Vaneeckhout S, J Okkonen, and A Costopoulos. 2012. Paleoshorelines and prehistory on the eastern Bothnian Bay coast (Finland): local environmental variability as a trigger for social change. Polar Geography.

Collard M, B Buchanan, J Morin and A Costopoulos 2011. What drives the evolution of hunter-gatherer subsistence technology? A reanalysis of the risk hypothesis with data from the Pacific Northwest. Philosophical transactions of the royal society B, 366:1129-1138.

Xue JZ, A Costopoulos, F Guichard 2011. Choosing Fitness-Enhancing Innovations Can Be Detrimental under Fluctuating Environments. PLoS ONE 6(11): e26770. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0026770.

Pendea F, GL Chmura and A Costopoulos 2011. Mid to late Holocene fire history of Eastern James Bay: investigating the environmental impact of early humans, Canadian Quaternary Association Proceedings.

Costopoulos A (ed) 2011. People and the environment in the North: identities, cosmologies and ecologies, in JP Ziker and F Stammler (eds) Histories from the North: Environments, Movements, and Narratives, Proceedings of the Final BOREAS Conference, Rovaniemi, Finland, October 29-31 2009.

Costopoulos A and M Lake (eds) 2010. Simulating Change: Archaeological Simulation into the 21st century. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press

Ames C, A Costopoulos, and C Nielsen (CD Wren) 2010. 8000 years of technological change in the Gulf of Georgia: is there a major transition at 4850 cal BP?  Canadian Journal of Archaeology 34:32-63.

Pendea IF, A Costopoulos, C Nielsen (CD Wren), GL Chmura 2010. A new shoreline displacement model for the last 7 ka from eastern James Bay, Canada. Quaternary Research 73 :474-484.

Xue Z and A Costopoulos 2010. The evitable road to zealotry, a comment on Ghirlanda et al 2006.  Current Anthropology 52:269-270.

Habeck JO, P Vitebsky, J Comaroff, A Costopoulos & F Navarrete 2010. Etnograficheskie issledovaniia na Severe i ikh vklad v global’¬nuiu antropologiiu:popytka otsenit’ sovremennuiu situatsiiu [Ethnographic Researches in the North and their Contribution to Global Anthropology: An Attempt at Defining the Present Situation] in IV Oktiabr’skaia (ed.): Sever i iug: dialog kul’tur i tsivilizatsii (materialy mezhdunarodnogo seminara) [North and South: Dialogue Between Cultures and Civilizations (Proceedings of the International Conference)],  Novosibirsk: Izdatel’stvo Instituta arkheologii i etnografii SO RAN:63-66.

Paberzyte I and A Costopoulos 2009. The Evolution of Lithuanian Archaeology. Lietuvos Archaeologija 35:95-115.

Beaudry M and A Costopoulos 2008. Analyse typologique d’une collection de perles de verre exhumée à Kahnawake. Archéologiques 21.

Costopoulos A 2008. Teaching basic evolutionary concepts: The Primordial Soup game (PSoup), in PC Rice and D McCurdy (eds), Strategies in Teaching Anthropology, Prentice-Hall.

Costopoulos A 2008. Simulating Societies, in H. Maschner, RA Bentley and C Chippindale (eds), Handbook of Archaeological Method and Theory, Altamira Press :273-281.

Costopoulos A 2008. Introduction, Ampersand 1:viii-ix.


Wren CD, A Costopoulos, IF Pendea, I Paberzyte, J  Bracewell, S Vaneeckhout, J Okkonen, CJH Ames, E Hulse 2014. Archaeological and paleo-environmental survey in Wemindji, James Bay’s paleo-coastal region (2005-2010). Unpublished Report. Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, Gouvernement du Quebec. Montreal, QC.

Wren CD, M Hawley, M King, A Costopoulos, IF Pendea, 2012. Archaeological and paleo-environmental survey in Wemindji, James Bay’s paleo-coastal region. Unpublished Report. Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, Gouvernement du Quebec. Montreal, QC.






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