Message from the Principal

McGill’s strength has always been its people: the people who built the University over the course of nearly 200 years, and the people who are now building its future. The McGill community is broad and diverse. We are students. We are professors. We are staff. We are alumni. We are partners and friends. Some of us, myself included, proudly fall into more than one of these groups. But, as wonderfully diverse as we are, as different as our “McGill experiences” may be, we are united by shared values and goals.

We share the joy of learning, of creativity, of discovery. We share a commitment to excellence and our love of challenge. We share a sense of responsibility to better our society through the work we do. We share the privilege of being part of a great and unique university in one of the world’s most creative cities.

And we share a clear sense of purpose and direction. As you will see in the 2014 Annual Report, McGill is open to new ideas, to different ways of looking at the world, to cultural and human diversity, to new ways of doing things. We are working toward a university that is more connected: across disciplines, across sectors, across geography. We are committed to being purposeful in how we learn, and in how we put that learning to use.

After extensive community consultations this past year, we are focusing our talents and creativity on five priority areas—student life and learning, research and creativity, community engagement, our work culture, and transforming our physical and virtual campus—in order to best meet the changing needs of our students, faculty and staff , and of Quebec, Canada and the world. Together, we are implementing a collective vision for a McGill that is open, connected and purposeful.

Bonne lecture,



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