Honorary Degree Recipients

MIKE BABCOCK, BEd’86, Doctor of Laws: Former co-captain of the McGill Redmen hockey team, known worldwide for coaching championship National Hockey League and Canadian Olympic teams.

NATHALIE BONDIL, Doctor of Letters: Chief Curator and Director at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, who has used multidisciplinary retrospectives on fashion and music to expand traditional ideas of art.

BORIS BROTT, Doctor of Music: Symphony conductor, who has applied his artistic leadership experience—including his work as artistic director of the McGill Chamber Orchestra, and founder of the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra of Montreal and the National Academy Orchestra—to a second career as a corporate motivational speaker.

KAIJA SAARIAHO, Doctor of Music: A widely celebrated contemporary Finnish composer whose work often fuses electronic and traditional instruments.

CAROLINA J. WALLS, BSc’85, Doctor of Science: Prominent Calgary-based philanthropist, immigration lawyer and refugee advocate.

RICHARD A. WALLS, PhD’78, Doctor of Science: A longtime McGill supporter and entrepreneurial leader responsible for significant oil and gas discoveries in North America.

KAREN ARMSTRONG, Doctor of Divinity: A former nun turned one of the world’s leading comparative religion scholars, dedicated to bringing the various religious groups around the globe to a better understanding of each other.

DENISE CHONG, Doctor of Letters: Economist, author and third-generation Chinese-Canadian, whose books evoke everyday happenings and relationships in extraordinary times.

WADE DAVIS, Doctor of Science: Canadian ethnographer, writer, photographer, filmmaker and scholar. Davis is a former Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society and current professor of anthropology at the University of British Columbia.

FABIOLA GIANOTTI, Doctor of Science: Subatomic physicist and leader of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland, where she played a key role in discovering the Higgs boson.

BLANCHE LEMCO VAN GINKEL, BArch’45, Doctor of Science: Pioneering architect, educator and urban planner, who has influenced urban landscapes worldwide as both a preservationist and a visionary.

RUBIN GRUBER, BSc’65, Doctor of Science: A successful entrepreneur in the telecommunications and data communication world, Gruber has founded many innovative companies over a span of 40 years.

KRISTINA M. JOHNSON, Doctor of Science: Recognized internationally for her contributions to engineering, Johnson’s pioneering research in the field of smart pixel arrays has applications in displays, pattern recognition and high-resolution sensors.

GURDEV S. KHUSH, Doctor of Science: World-renowned agronomist who conceptualized and developed a new type of rice, popularly known as super rice, with a 20-per-cent higher yield potential.

JOHN MCCALL MACBAIN, BA’80, Doctor of Laws: Following a distinguished international business career in classified advertising, McCall MacBain and his wife, Marcy, established the McCall MacBain Foundation, which has since awarded $200 million to support health and education in sub-Saharan Africa, climate change, social enterprise and post-secondary education around the world.

RANDALL S. PRATHER, Doctor of Science: Professor of reproductive biotechnology at the University of Missouri and co-director of its National Swine Resource and Research Center, Prather is internationally renowned for his studies into female germ cells, fertilization and early embryonic development.

CAROL L. PRIVES, BSc’62, PhD’66, Doctor of Science: Distinguished researcher who has spent close to 30 years studying the p53 tumour] suppressor protein, the product of the most frequently mutated gene in human cancers.

WAYNE RIDDELL, Doctor of Music: Considered one of Canada’s most accomplished choral conductors, Riddell is credited with having raised the profile of church and chamber choirs in Canada to a new level by mixing the standard repertoire with new music by Canadian composers.

MARY ELLEN TURPEL-LAFOND, Doctor of Laws: One of Canada’s most distinguished jurists, Turpel-Lafond is British Columbia’s first Representative for Children and Youth, an independent office of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, with a mandate to advocate for, and protect the rights of, children and youth.

JOHN WOOD, Doctor of Letters: A Microsoft executive turned literacy advocate, Wood is the founder of Room to Read, the award-winning not-for-profit organization that has increased education access to more than 8 million children around the world.

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