working through times of change

The thoughtful exchanges between students, university administrators and the Quebec government at the February 2013 Summit on Higher Education brought to light wide-ranging, often divergent, opinions.

The discussions focused on quality and governance, research and collaboration, accessibility and, crucially, the government’s recent cuts to university operating budgets. Due to the uncertain timing of future public reinvestment, and the risk of substantially increasing the University’s projected $274 million FY2012 accumulated deficit, McGill decided to take immediate action rather than spread out those cuts over several years. After careful analyses by the Office of Provost, Human Resources and Financial Services, and following a wide-ranging cost-reduction measures—including salary freezes to most employee groups, a salary reduction for senior administrators and the voluntary retirement of more than 250 employees—the University announced in July that it would achieve approximately $43 million in recurring operating expense-reductions by the end of the 2014 fiscal year. This goal would come without resorting to large-scale staff dismissals, while ensuring the protection of critical services and our core mission.

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