Humberto Monardes

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Associate Professor - Animal Breeding

Program Director - Global Food Security Major and Honours

T: 514-398-7809  | humberto.monardes [at] (Email) |  Macdonald-Stewart Building, MS1-093


Ing. Agr. (Chile)
MSc, PhD (McGill)

Short Bio

Dr. Humberto Monardes is currently Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics and Academic Director of the Global Food Security Program in the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of McGill University. His research and teaching in dairy cattle genetics and milk quality, as well as his expertise in animal recording has led to his international involvement with farmers associations, governments and universities in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay). He has directed various institutional cooperation projects and technology transfer projects funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the Ministère des Relations Internationales du Québec to provide training and support to Argentinean and Brazilian dairy farmers. Project mandates also included community capacity building and the development of field services, research, teaching and extension capabilities in local universities. Dr. Monardes is currently participating in developmental activities in Guatemala, the Ukraine, China and Paraguay. He is a permanent consultant for the Brazilian Council on Milk Quality and the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, and a member of the Board of Directors of Valacta – the Canadian Centre d’Expertise en Production Laitière. He is a strong advocate of improving smallholder and rational livestock production to enhance food security and environmental sustainability.

Active Affiliations

  • Program Director - Global Food Security Major and Honours
  • Program Director – International Agriculture and Food Systems Major
  • Coordinator – International Agriculture Specialization and Minor
  • Board member, PATLQ and Valacta. Since 2002
  • Member – Latinoamerican Association of Animal Production
  • Member – National Mastitis Council

Research interests

Mastitis, the inflammation of the mammary gland, is the most important disease affecting dairy cows. Somatic cells in milk are indicators of mastitis and in large numbers they affect not just cow health but milk quality and shelf life of dairy products. To monitor milk quality and cow health, somatic cells must be routinely counted in cows and bulk tanks. Building large field data banks in developing countries for farm management, assisting on the study of these data banks and performing collaborative research at local universities are essential initiatives to ensure  the advance of any milk production system and the supply of the market with high quality products.

Current Research

Study of policies and agricultural practices affecting food insecurity and under-nutrition in Guatemala


ANSC 301 Principles of Animal Breeding 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

ANSC 504 Course not available

AGRI 411 Global Issues on Dev, Food&Agr 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer


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Selected Publications

Carrera, J.L., P. Pineda, L.Melini, O. Monterroso, R. Veliz, S. Mansilla, H. Monardes, P. Oxhorn, H. Melgar-Quiñonez, J. Adamowski, J. Malard and A.S. Rivera.  Analisis sistemico y territorial de la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional en Guatemala. 142 pages. Univ. Rafael Landivar, Iarna Publ.  December 2015.

Conference presentations and invited lectures

Monardes, H. 2016. Invited conference. DHI Expertise in Quebec, Canada. 7th Dairy Conference of China 2016 & China Dairy Exhibition, 2-4 juin 2016, organisée par la Dairy Association of China. (dac)

Monardes, H. 2015. Invited lecture: Dairy Herd Improvement in Canada. June 15th. National University of Veterinarian Medicine and Biotechnology.  Lviv, Ukraine.

Monardes, H. 2015. Invited conference/main speaker: The Search for Milk Quality.  October 7th. Ceremony of opening of new dairy laboratory, Lviv, Ukraine.

Monardes, h. 2015. Guest speaker. Research, teaching and extension, a collaborative effort between McGill and Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, October 14.

Monardes, h. 2015. Invited lecture at universidad rafael landivar. Food sovereignty in canada: the dairy case. Guatemala, december 11th.

Monardes, H., 2013. Road map for the strengthening of the dairy operations for the dairy coops associated to the federation of coops of Paraguay. Invited speaker. Coop. Fédérée, Montreal. May 30.

Monardes, H., 2013. Milk recording and genetic improvement in Canada. JEFO's Workshop for Latin American field staff. Invited speaker. Valacta Headquarters. November

Monardes, H., 2012. Advances in milk quality. 2nd Workshop on Advanced Dairy Management. Parana Dairy Breeders Association. Curitiba, Brazil. May 23-24.

Monardes, H., 2012. Milk quality and payment systems for milk quality throughout the world. II Workshop on Atualização em Nutrição e Qualidade de Leite 2012/apcbrh/senar/ufpr. Invited conference. Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. May 22.

Monardes, h., 2012. Recent advances on the use of genomics in dairy cattle breeding. II Workshop on Atualização em Nutrição e Qualidade de Leite 2012/apcbrh/senar/ufpr. Invited conference. Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. May 23.


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