Kyle Elliott 2017 World Economic Forum New Champion on Global Collaboration in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Published: 17Sep2018

Kyle Elliott (NRS), Canada Research Chair in Arctic Ecology is in Tianjin, China to participate in the Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum (WEF). In 2017, Kyle was named...

Cannabis PhD takes higher education to a new level

Published: 10Sep2018

There will doubtless be more and more postgraduate degrees based on cannabis production after it has been legalized, says Anja Geitmann, dean of agriculture at Montreal’s McGill University. “I’m...

Citizen scientists show Black Widows creeping north in Canada

Published: 27Aug2018

To humans, 31 miles may not seem like a very long distance to travel, but for a spider, it’s a long, long way to go. Emily Chung at the CBC reports on a new study that shows that since the 1960s,...

Plant Science researcher recognized by Canadian Society of Plant Biologists

Published: 1Aug2018

Congratulations to Professor Jaswinder Singh, Plant Science, who received the 2018 Canadian Society of Plant Biologists C.D. Nelson Award....

Québec crée le Pôle d’expertise multidisciplinaire en gestion durable du littoral du lac Saint-Pierre

Published: 1Aug2018

Le gouvernement du Québec poursuit ses efforts en faveur de la conservation du lac Saint-Pierre et annonce le second volet de son plan qui vise à définir et à promouvoir une agriculture durable...

Five McGill students rewarded for stellar Arctic research

Published: 19Jul2018

While much of Quebec has been struggling under a withering heatwave, five McGill students have been recognized for their research based in cooler climes, namely the Arctic.