Valérie Orsat wins ‘Engineering and Physical Sciences’ Suffrage Science award

Published: 12Mar2021

Bioresource engineering prof cited for research excellence and role as mentor for women entering the field

Macdonald Campus Dairy Cow Pasture Project uses sustainable best practices to bolster education

Published: 18Feb2021

Animal-friendly fences, optimized water use and rotational grazing systems help make the Mac dairy herd more sustainable overall...

Faculty Mobility for Partnership Building Program Grants

Published: 13Jan2021

Grants available for faculty at Canadian postsecondary institutions...

Des abbatoirs qui vont de ferme en ferme

Published: 24May2018

Animaux transportés sur de longues distances et stressés, cadence d'abattage élevée… Devant les désavantages de l'abattage industriel, une autre solution est possible : l'abattoir mobile, qui se...

Father's lasting influence: Molecular foundations of intergenerational transmission of the paternal environment

Published: 22Apr2015

Laval and McGill researchers team up with Health Canada and international researchers from Africa, Italy, Copenhagen and Greenland to investigate the impact of environmental exposures on the...


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