Past, Present, Future: Founder’s Day 2021 goes virtual

Published: 12Feb2021

| Caitlin MacDougall, Liaison Officer, Farm Management and Technology Program...

Water: Preserving a precious commodity

Published: 31Mar2021

To mark World Water Day (March 22), Bioresource Engineering Professor Chandra Madramootoo a member of the steering committee of the Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture – expands on...

Canada geese: What you may not know about the pesky national symbol

Published: 12May2021

Many Canadians are familiar with the honking and hissing that marks the beginning of the spring season, some might be more intimately familiar with the feeling of large wings batting about the...

Valérie Orsat wins ‘Engineering and Physical Sciences’ Suffrage Science award

Published: 12Mar2021

Bioresource engineering prof cited for research excellence and role as mentor for women entering the field

Macdonald Campus Dairy Cow Pasture Project uses sustainable best practices to bolster education

Published: 18Feb2021

Animal-friendly fences, optimized water use and rotational grazing systems help make the Mac dairy herd more sustainable overall...

With planet’s future on the line, scientists seek a full accounting of nature’s assets

Published: 26Apr2021

'Eco-accounting' project aims to produce a comprehensive tally of our natural landscapes, to better aid decision-making around land management...

Le marketing des aliments locaux

Published: 25Mar2021

“Il faudrait que l’engouement pour les produits locaux, pour les produits du terroir et pour ce qui est fabriqué au Québec demeure, même une fois cette pandémie terminée. Tous ces bons réflexes qu...

Les petites fermes poussent

Published: 18Feb2021

En chute libre depuis les années 1940, le nombre de fermes se stabilise au Québec. Fait rare, il a même légèrement augmenté en 2020. Derrière cette hausse se cache toutefois deux réalités. Si les...


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