COVID-19 Updates

Please find below COVID-19 resources, specific to the Department of Anesthesia:

Learning Material: 

Chronic Pain Rotation Online Learning - Reading for Trainees (Restricted) - Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit (AEPMU)


MUHC resources:

1. General

  1. Donning and doffing poster
  2. Surgical protocols 
  3. Perinatal guidelines 
  4. Critical care guideline summary 
  5. Transfusion protocol 
  6. Code blue protocol and poster
  7. List of aerosol generating procedures
  8. Empiric treatment document 
  9. Cardiology and cath lab Covid-19 algorithm

2. Operating room protocols:

  1. Adult OR personal protection guidelines update
  2. Cross match sample collection in OR 
  3. Obstetric OR protocol 
  4. Adult COVID airway management recommendations 
  5. PPE procedure in the OR 
  6. Yellow SOP 

3. Pediatric:

  1. Pediatric airway management protocol 
  2. MHC PPE in OR 


Practice Resources and Literature:


Health and Wellbeing resources:

Faculty, staff and student resources:

In addition please find the most recent information from McGill University and other sources here:

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