Who we are

Our Core Purpose

The Ancillary Services Vision, our Values and our Performance Dialogue initiative form the foundation upon which we will build towards our core purpose:

Endeavouring to make the McGill experience better for all who come

Ancillary Services has been given the mandate to reorganize the University's commercial and certain support service operations to better serve the McGill community. For the most part Ancillary Services units are intended to be, as a minimum, financially self-supporting. In times of budgetary constraint, the net operating surplus generated by the Ancillary Services provides the university with a much needed source of additional unrestricted funds.

Our mission is to work as a dedicated team in providing the highest quality, most efficient, and cost effective support to the McGill community in all our areas of involvement. We must provide services to the community befitting the mission, standards of excellence, international reputation, and image of McGill.

The Vision

Our vision is to focus our energy in areas that support the University Mission, specifically:

To enhance customer service practices and manage all resources at our disposal - human, financial, and physical - to develop a portfolio of operations that better serve the broader McGill community (student body, faculty, employees, alumni, parents, and visitors) in a financially responsible manner.

All of us, as members of the McGill Ancillary Services team, must exercise leadership. Effective leadership has two primary components, vision and implementation. The Ancillary Services Vision supplies the first of these two; and our Performance Dialogue initiative is an implementation framework that helps us to achieve the second. The Performance Dialogue initiative implements the Ancillary Services Vision by aligning our people, processed, resources, and services to best achieve the Vision, and serves to stimulate the intensity of communication needed to support continuous improvement of our organization in pursuit of the overall McGill Mission of excellence.

Statement of Values

A person’s values are the ultimate determinant of how he or she acts. The same is true of an organization. That is why we must constantly and intensely focus on our organizational values. We will:

  • Recognize our employees as being our most valuable asset. We enable our people to carry out their work as only they know how, and we provide them with opportunities to develop their skills and their careers. Above all, we treat each other with courtesy and respect, and we listen.
  • Constantly behave in an ethical manner demonstrating honesty, integrity and fairness at all times.
  • Challenge our processes and continue to refine our delivery of service. We recognize no bounds in improving our work methods. We strive to use our resources with wisdom, integrity, and efficiency.
  • Seek creative opportunities to enhance the academic mission and student, staff and visitor experiences. We aggressively seek to understand, anticipate, and respond to the needs of our customers. We will provide quality products and services, and will do so at the lowest reasonable cost;
  • Acknowledge a responsibility for, and a commitment to, protection of the environment at all levels. We will endeavour to comply fully with environmental legislation and, in addition, are committed to continued efforts to promote environmental management policies and practices at every level and in every one of our departments.
  • Communicate with all and emphasize an open and direct exchange of information.

In order to sustain our value set we must:

  • Hire and retain those people who share our values;
  • Structure our operations to reflect our values;
  • Make decisions according to our values;
  • Measure our work by the yardstick of our values.
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