BSc/MSc (Thesis) Track



The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology is pleased to offer BSc/MSc track program, intended for strong undergraduate students who are interested in research and have intentions of pursuing a Master’s degree after completion of their BSc.  For more details on requirements for admission, please see the information below under "Who Can Apply."

Students in the BSc-MSc track will obtain a Bachelor's degree and then a Master's degree separately. The purpose of the program is to provide guidance and mentoring during final undergraduate years in order to help prepare students for graduate studies.  Students enrolled in this program will obtain significant research experience, which will allow them to complete the Master’s degree within four (4) semester terms, in contrast with the usual six or more terms for students not enrolled in the BSc-MSc track.


How it Works

Interested and qualified students are invited to apply in January of their U2 (second-to-last) year of undergraduate studies.  Selection into the program means early acceptance into the MSc program, and students will begin their MSc in the summer immediately following their final term of undergraduate study. Continuation directly into the MSc remains conditional upon the maintenance of a CGPA of 3.5 or higher during the applicant’s final undergraduate year.

Students accepted into the program will first conduct a summer research project prior to commencing their final undergraduate year (remunerated at a rate of $350/week - see below for funding information) .  This summer research project will be conducted in the laboratory where the student plans to pursue future MSc studies.

Finally, during the final academic year, students will complete an Honours research project (ANAT 432) with their future Master's supervisors.  Bi-semester meetings with their supervisors, as well as short presentations to be given before the Program Director and other faculty members to discuss their research experiences, will be required.  There is a seminar attendance component for ANAT 432. Six of the formal seminars that are attended may be counted towards ANAT 697 once admitted into the MSc program. 

BSc-MSc Timeline (printable document)

For a detailed timeline of recommended course selection for students entering the MSc from the BSc, please see here: PDF icon MSc Course Plan 2018


Successful applicants will be funded by the Faculty of Medicine for their mandatory summer research ($350/wk for 10-12 weeks).  However, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for external funding, such from NSERC or CIHR.  Students who secure outside funding are not eligible to receive the $350/week funded by the Faculty of Medicine in addition to their external funding, however, should the third-party funding not equal $350/week, the Faculty of Medicine will supplement their funding to equal $350/week for a maximum of 12 weeks.

Who Can Apply


Requirements for admission

• Minimum CGPA of 3.5 or higher
• Must be an undergraduate student in year U2 of the Anatomy and Cell Biology Honours Program
• Must have the commitment of a faculty member to supervise the Honours Research Project (course ANAT 432) in the Fall/Winter term of U3, and conditionally to supervise the MSc degree

• Must attend a total of 6 departmental seminars as part of the ANAT 432 course requirements
• Must secure a summer research position for 10 to 12 consecutive weeks
• Completion of an ANAT 396 research project course (3 credits) during U2 (highly recommended)

• Preference is given to students with previous research experience

If you are interested in submitting an application or have questions regarding this program option, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, studentaffairs.acb [at] (subject: ACB%20BSc%2FMSc%20Fast%20Track%20Program) (Brandy Byrd).

How to Apply


Application documents required


Students must submit all of the following documents through a single PDF file saved as bsc-msc_Last Name.First Name.pdf to studentaffairs.acb [at]

• CV
• Unofficial transcript
• Letter of intent, showing a strong potential for research and interest in graduate studies
• Letter of reference, written by a faculty member of Anatomy & Cell Biology, indicating the following:
    - Their commitment to supervise the summer research project, indicating the number of weeks in the lab 
    - Their commitment to supervise the honours research project (ANAT 432) in the student's final term
    - A conditional acceptance to supervise the student during their MSc
• One additional letter of reference (optional)

What is the application deadline to be considered for the BSc- MSc Track?

January 25, 2019

When will I found out if I am accepted?

Students and supervisors will be notified by  February 15, 2019

Transitioning into the Master's


What are the conditions of acceptance for the MSc Program?

• Must show strong research performance during the summer following the U2 year
• Must show strong research and academic performance (minimum CGPA of 3.5) during the U3 academic year
• Must successfully complete the 9-credit Honours Research Project (ANAT 432) with the future MSc supervisor

If I meet the conditions for MSc acceptance, do I need to apply to graduate studies?

Yes. Students who have met the MSc conditions must still apply for graduate studies through U-Apply by the application deadline listed below. For further information, please refer to the application details on the Anatomy & Cell Biology Graduate webpage under “Apply”.

International Students: January 1st

Canadian Students: March 15th

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