CAN-8 VirtuaLab

IMPORTANT: for home use, you MUST download the CAN-8 software from the AMLF website; if you download it from anywhere else, including the CAN-8 website, it will not work.


Tutorials and training materials for instructors on CAN-8 and other AMLF resources are temporarily unavailable. If you need assistance, please email jennica.grimshaw [at] (subject: CAN-8%20training) (Jennica Grimshaw)



Here are the steps for adjusting record levels for CAN-8 under Windows 7:
Setting Your Record Levels [.pdf]

Please be aware that CAN-8 student lists are imported centrally from the McGill database at the start of the semester only.

Please contact the AMLF Educational Technology Consultant for :

- assistance with updating your student lists;

- creating menu items, moving Planners to the Student Menu;

- training on the CAN-8 system and all the other software installed on the AMLF computers.


Here are the keyboard shortcuts for the keyboard layout found at the AMLF:
Canadian Multilingual Keyboard Layout [.pdf]

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