Faculty Publications 2013

1. Refereed books (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013)

Hunter, Matthew. Wicked Intelligence: Visual Art and the Science of Experiment in Restoration London (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2013).


2.  Portions of refereed books (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013)

Barney, Darin. Foreword. The Great Reversal: How We Let Technology Take Control of the Planet, David Tabachnick. University of Toronto Press. 2013. vii-ix.

Sterne, Jonathan. “Escape from Soundscape.” In Soundscapes of the Urban Past, ed Karin Bijsterveld, 181-91.  Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2013. 

Coleman, Gabriella. Anonymous and the Politics of Leaking. In Beyond WikiLeaks: Implications for the Future of Communications, Journalism and Society, Benedetta Brevini, Arne Hintz, and Patrick McCurdy, eds. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

Jones, Amelia. “How Ron Athey Makes Me Feel: The Political Potential of Upsetting Art,” Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey, ed. Ron Athey and Dominic Johnson (Bristol, UK: Intellect Press, 2013).

Jones, Amelia. “Unpredictable Temporalities: The Body and Performance in (Art) History,” Performing Archives/Archives of Performance, ed. Rune Gade and Gunhild Borggreen  (Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, University of Copenhagen, 2013).

Jones, Amelia. “An ‘Other’ History: Feminist Art in Britain Since 1970,” Contemporary Art in the United Kingdom, ed. Phoebe Adler (London: Black Dog Press, 2013).

Jones, Amelia. “Chris Burden’s Bridges, Relationality, and the Conceptual Body,” in the catalogue Chris Burden: Extreme Measure (New York: New Museum of Contemporary Art,  and Skira/Rizzoili, 2013).

Hunter, Matthew. “Picture, Object, Puzzle, Prompter: Devilish Cleverness in Restoration London,” in The Clever Object, eds. M. Hunter and F. Lucchini (Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2013) , 198-203

Raboy, Marc. “Making Media. Creating the Conditions for Communication in the Public Good.” Anthologized in Marian Bredin, Media Policy in Canada: Sources for critical analysis. Kendall Hunt: Dubuque, Iowa, 2013.

Straw, Will. “Public Screens and Urban Life.”  In Carol Vernallis, Amy Herzog, and John Richardson, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Digital Media.  London and New York:  Oxford University Press, 2013, pp. 92-98

Straw, Will. “Action Classics”:  Ways of thinking about the budget DVD corpus."  In  André Habib and Michel Marie, editors.  L’Avenir de la mémoire : patrimoine, restauration et réemploi cinématographiques.  Lille:  Les Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 2013.

Straw, Will. “Cenas Culturais e as consequências imprevistas das políticas públicas” in Jeder Janotti, Jr. and Simone Pereira de Sá, editors.  Cenas Musicais.   São Paulo, Brazil :  Editora Anadarco, 2013.

Ross, Christine. “La réalité augmentée en art: une question de (non)destination,” in Le Réel à l’épreuve des technologies: les arts de la scène et les arts médiatiques, Josette Féral and Edwige Perrot, eds. Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2013, 261-275.

Vanhaelen, Angela. “Painting the Visible Church: The Calvinist Art of Making Publics” in Making Space Public in Early Modern Europe: Performance, geography, privacy, Routledge, 2013, 223–240.


3.  Refereed journal articles published by academic presses (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013)

Lentz, Becky. (November 15, 2013). Excavating Historicity in the U.S. Network Neutrality Debate: An Interpretive Perspective on Policy Change. Contribution to special issue on Discourse, Politics, and Policy in Communication, Culture & Critique 6(4): 568–597.

Hunter, Matthew. “Picture, Object, Puzzle, Prompter: Devilish Cleverness in Restoration London,” Art History 36, 3 (June 2013): 546-567

Ross, Christine.  “Après la vidéo,” Revue 24 Images (165), December 2013/January 2014, 18-21.

Ross, Christine.  “L’historicisation affective des espaces publics: l’Alter Bahnhof Video Walk de Janet Cardiff et George Bures Miller/The Affective Historicization of Public Spaces: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller’s l’Alter Bahnhof Video Walk,” Ciel Variable (95). Fall 2013.


4. Edited Books (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013)

Sterne, Jonathan. The Politics of Academic Labor in Communication Studies.  Los Angeles: The Annenberg Press, 2013.  (E-book republication of International Journal of Communication special section).

Vanhaelen, Angela. The Erotics of Looking: Early Modern Netherlandish Art. Co-edited with Bronwen Wilson. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013. (Originally published as Vol. 35, Issue 5 of Art History)

Vanhaelen, Angela. Making Space Public in Early Modern Europe: Performance, geography, privacy. Co-edited with Joseph P. Ward. New York and London: Routledge, 2013.


5. Co-authored portions of refereed books (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013)

Hunter, Matthew. “The Clever Object: Three Pavilions, Three Loggias, and a Planetarium,” in The Clever Object, eds. M. Hunter and F. Lucchini (Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2013), 160-173; with Francesco Lucchini

Vanhaelen, Angela. Introduction: Making Space Public in Early Modern Europe—Performance, Geography, Privacy.” Co-authored with Steven Mullaney in Making Space Public in Early Modern Europe: Performance, geography, privacy, New York and London: Routledge, 2013, 1–16.


6. Dictionary entries, book reviews, commentaries (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013)

Coleman, Gabriella. Anonymous in Context. Centre for International Governance Innovation, Paper Series on Internet Governance, September 2013.

Charmaine Nelson:

“Getting arrested for ‘Shopping while Black’,” Huffington Post Canada, 27 October 2013.

“Open Mouth, Insert Foot: Sheryl Underwood’s take on Natural Black Hair,” Huffington Post Canada, 9 September 2013.
http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/charmaine-nelson/the-history-of-natural-black hair_b_3887377.html

“What Trayvon Martin’s Murder and the George Zimmerman Trial Verdict Tell Us,” Huffington Post Canada, 15 July 2013

“What Sergio Garcia’s and Paula Deen’s Racism Really Tell Us” Huffington Post Canada, 27 June 2013; And Republished in: Topics USA Today, 27 June 2013; The Belfast Telegraph, 27 June 2013; Roadrunner, 27 June 2013; Black History.com, 27 June 2013; Celebrity Balla.com, 27 June 2013; TV Balla.com, 27 June 2013; I4U News, 27 June 2013; TWC Central, 27 June 2013; Sky News HD, 27 June 2013; Dr. Vibe Show.com, 27 June 2013


http://www.i4u.com/2013/06/paula-deen/nelson-sergio-garcias-and-really what-charmaine-tell-racism-paula-deens-us

“Cheerios Ad Sparks Racist Meltdown,” Huffington Post Canada, 6 June 2013.

“Challenging Blackface is not ‘Quebec-Bashing’,” Huffington Post Canada, 28 May 2013.


7. Exhibitions curated (Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2013)

Jones, Amelia. LEONARD AND ELLEN BINA ART GALLERY, CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, Curator of exhibition “Material Traces: Time and the Gesture in Contemporary Art,” February-April 2013.