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Jeremy Morris

Jeremy Morris

Jeremy Morris is entering the final year of his PhD in Communication Studies at McGill University in Montreal. He has a master's degree in Communication and Culture from Ryerson/York University in Toronto. His research interests include the on-going dynamics of the cultural industries, the digitization of cultural goods and commodities, and the technologies of music production, circulation and consumption.

Dissertation - Understanding the Digital Music Commodity

By most accounts, the last decade will be remembered as one of extraordinary, though not unprecedented, upheaval for individuals and institutions involved in making, marketing, distributing, selling and consuming recorded music. "Understanding the Digital Music Commodity" is an attempt to gauge the aftershocks of the transition from music on compact discs to digital music files on computers and mobile devices. It is a topic that has implications for cultural commodities of all kinds. Books, movies, and a variety of other goods are all in the midst of their own digital shifts and the actors and institutions that make up the cultural industries are facing new challenges and opportunities. At stake more broadly are issues surrounding how we encounter commodities in our culture, and what meaning those commodities have when they assume a digital form.

Jeremy's work appears in Fiberculture and in various edited collections on sound, music and technology. In addition to his academic work, Jeremy is also the music editor/editor in chief of Midnight Poutine, a local popular culture website devoted to discussing art, music, film, food and other events in Montreal. He also records and engineers various audio projects (independent artists, podcasts, etc.).

email: jeremy(dot)morris2(at )mail.mcgill.ca
website: www.jeremywademorris.com