Current Graduate Students

We encourage all prospective applicants to consult with graduate students already in our program. Research topics and contact info for our current students in Art History (AH) and Communication Studies (CS) are available here.

The Art History and Communication Studies Graduate Students Association (AHCS GSA) is comprised of all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies.

Name Keywords
Jacqueline Atkin (AH)

artistic and medical collaboration; medical photography; neurology (1861-1934); avant-garde portraiture; identity

Farah Atoui (CS)

transnational migration; global urbanization; migrant belongings; governance; citizenship

Peter Boudreau (AH)

Byzantine historiography; memory studies; temporality; archaization; nostalgia

Lindsay Corbett (AH)

Byzantine art; sacred matter; materiality; medieval studies; cultural exchange; iconoclasm

Lucile Cordonnier (AH) Temporality; theories of time; fin-de-siècle culture; the Nabis; the decorative
Sadie Couture (CS)

Media history; radio studies; sound studies; feminist science and technology studies; affect theory; cultural studies

Jessica Fontaine (CS)

affect; work; professional wrestling; feminist media studies; cultural studies; Indigenous studies; comic studies

Chris Gismondi (AH)

Canadian slavery; settler-colonialism; whiteness; critical race; Indigenous; environmental history; gender; masculinity

Clinton Glenn (CS)

post-socialism; LGBT rights; queer theory; public protest; Eastern Europe

Helen Alexandra Hayes (CS)

science and technology studies; tech policy; infrastructure; environment

Nicolas Holt (AH)

Juan Downey; energies in the arts; electromagnetism; early video art; environmental media; energy humanities; energy as resource; decoloniality; ecology
Adrienne R. Johnson (AH)

African Canadian art; Black Canadian History; Visual culture; Critical and Postcolonial Theory

Rebecca L. Johnson (AH)

Roman baroque; counter reformation; ecclesiastical architecture and ornamentation; performativity; French monarchy; identity 

​Alican Koc (CS)

aesthetics; affect; popular culture; cultural studies; new media

Burç Köstem (CS)

political economy; cultural studies; social theory; infrastructure studies; radical politics; excess; waste; urban studies; Turkish politics; post-autonomist thought

Chanelle Lalonde (AH)

art and ecology; aesthetics; listening; ecocriticism; environmental humanities

Caroline LaPorte-Burns (AH) early modern marine trade; Dutch Republic and Indonesia; pearls; invisible labour; aesthetics of the sea; living images; collecting practice; decorative objects; global art history; arctic exploration
Louis Melançon  (CS)

cybersecurity; software vulnerabilities; free and open source software; critical infrastructure; internet studies

jake moore (AH)

art; artists; action; agonism; rematerialization; critical spatial practices; vocality; resonance; listening

Nina Morena (CS)

breast cancer; misinformation; gender studies; social media; new media; health communication

Allyson Rogers (CS)

music; film; sound recording technologies; auditory cultures; documentary media; cultural institutions; Canadian studies

Braden Scott (AH)

architecture; archaeology; global art history; media environments; process; worlding
Roda Siad (CS)

migration; refugees; humanitarianism; science and technology studies; critical data studies

Emily DeKlyen Silbergeld (AH)

Byzantine art; frames and framing; cultural exchange; archaism and anachronism; image and text; diaspora; Byzantium and Venice

Andy Stuhl (CS)

media studies; sound, cultural production; science and technology studies; digital humanities

Hannah Tollefson (CS)

infrastructure studies; environmental media; energy and climate change; Indigenous studies; feminist science and technology studies; political economy; critical animal studies

Liza Tom (CS)

queer theory; South Asian studies; development and policy studies

Ayesha Vemuri (CS)

infrastructure studies; environmental humanities; flooding and climate change; feminist science and technology studies; postcolonial theory: infrastructure studies; environmental humanities; flooding and climate change; feminist science and technology studies; postcolonial theory

Name Keywords
Laura Boyce (CS) haunted media; mourning; communicating with the dead; Spiritualism; memorials; memory; queer spectrality

Julia Bugiel (CS)

affect; charisma; myth; online publics; mortification
Hana Nikčević (AH)

ecological art; ecocriticism; ecological grief; disappearance; haunting

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