Becky Lentz

Associate Professor of Communication Studies
PhD, 2008, University of Texas at Austin Department of Radio, TV, and Film.  Additional professional experience in city and state government, the information services industry, and the nonprofit sector (philanthropy and non-governmental organizations).

Research and teaching interests:
Critical/interpretive policy studies combined with third sector studies (NGOs, non- profit organizations, voluntary associations, social economy organizations, community organizations, self-help and mutual aid organizations, civil society organizations, foundations, philanthropy, and other manifestations of civil society globally and locally, for example, networks and social forums, unions, religious organizations, co‐operatives, and volunteering).

Policy issue specializations: information and communication technology (ICT), digital inclusion, Internet governance, network neutrality, media and technology justice, communication/digital rights.

Theoretical approaches and frameworks: critical theory of technology, discourse and rhetorical genre theory.

Graduate courses: Topics in Critical/Interpretive Policy Studies (introduction to critical policy studies; cultures of participation/civic engagement/activism in policymaking, including the role of philanthropy; interpretive policy analysis, policy advocacy); Topics in Discourse Theory and Analysis (discourse and social change, critical discourse analysis).

Selected Publications

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