Camila Maroja

Assistant Professor

Camila Maroja works with modern and contemporary art and visual culture, with an emphasis on Latin America and transnational exchanges. Her research focuses upon exhibition histories, cultural interchanges between South and North America, the ways in which artists negotiate and localize their production in a globalized world, decolonial methodologies, and local avant-gardes. She is currently working on a book manuscript, Framing Latin American Art, which examines how artists and critics in Brazil since the 1960s have mobilized the tropes of earlier generations—such as anthropophagy, geometric abstraction, and the political—that have become fundamental to the definitions of Latin American art today. The book argues that Brazil, a country traditionally seen as isolated from the rest of the Spanish-speaking region, was central to the construction of a modern and contemporary “Latin American art.”

Prof. Maroja received her MA from PUC-Rio (Brazil) and her PhD from Duke University (US). Before coming to McGill, she was the Kindler Distinguished Historian of Global Contemporary Art at Colgate University and a Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities at Brown University.

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