The Everyday, Lived Realities and Other Fictions

Thomson House Ballroom
3650 McTavish Street (map)
Montréal, Québec

Media@McGill is pleased to co-sponsor and to announce the first annual Art History and Communication Studies Graduate conference "The Everyday, Lived Realities and Other Fictions". With over 20 presentations and the launch of SEACHANGE Journal, the conference seeks to engage and support graduate scholarship from Canada and abroad.

The 2010 keynote lecture will be presented by Dr. Monica Kin Gagnon, titled "Posthumous Cinema: Reflections on the Creative Animation of Archives."

The theme of this year's conference examines the various historical moments that make up our everyday, exploring the tensions that emerge between the 'real' and the perceived that manifest themselves within everyday practices. Through the examination of the built environment, media networks, films or art, the tensions of the 'everyday' experience become more apparent. The everyday, through its lived realities and other fictions, can become more than just our requisite critical 'context', it has the potential to become a, or perhaps the, common site of collective mediation.

AHCS Conference Committee:
Samantha Burton
Nadia Kurd
Paulina Mickiewicz
Cheryl Thompson

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