Citizen Media Rendez-Vous 2009

August 26, 2009

Today's media landscape is in turmoil: traditional mass media companies have become vulnerable due to falling advertinsing dollars, dwindling readership and difficulties adapting to new media. At the same time citizen and independent media are facing a golden opportunity to assert themselves through online and social networking technologies.

Nonetheless, independent and citizen media continue to face challenges in creating content, developing platforms, building audience and securing financing for their work.

The Citizen Media Rendezvous is an occasion for colleagues working in independent, citizen-based media to come together to discuss and brainstorm around topics like content, technology, community collaboration and innovative business models.

This year's event will launch a series of four Citizen Media Rendezvous, which in 2010, 2011, and 2012 will accompany the CIVICUS World Assembly. Our goal? That this series help open up new perspectives on the rapidly changing world of social media.

The 2009 edition will bring together bloggers, engaged citizens, photographers, citizen journalists, media experts, alternative media buffs, and web media businesses, alongside contributors to Media@McGill, CitizenShift, Parole citoyenne, l'INM, and other social organisations. During the first block of the event, four experts will be presenting: Véronique Marino (INIS), Geraldine Cahill (The Real News Network), David Beers (The Tyee), and Laurent Mauriac (Rue 89). In addition, in the second bloc, case studies will be presented by: Paulina Abarca-Cantin & Stéphanie Lagueux : Studio XX, Wayne MacPhail :, and Reisa Levine & Véronique Maléfant  : CitizenShift/ Parole citoyenne.



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