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Undergraduate Summer Courses

May 4 - June 4, 2020

ARTH 200 (CRN 499) (3 credits)
Introduction to Art History 1
Prof. Julia Skelly
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
08:35 am-10:55 am

Description coming soon.

COMS 200 (CRN 500) (3 credits)
History of Communication
Sophie Toupin and Gabrielle Kielich
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
11:05 am-1:25 pm

This course introduces and surveys the history of communication. By examining the social, political, economic and cultural conditions that power communication, media and technology, this course will be a window into furthering our understanding of how these processes have shaped our lives. This course will guide students in thinking about how the past helps us understand the present and future of communication and technology in society.

The following questions will guide our exploration: What is the history of communication? Why is the history of communication, media and technology important? What can we learn from the past and how can it help us understand the present and future in terms of communication? How have the social, political, cultural and economic dimensions present in past societies shaped our current communication and technology ecology?

Our course readings have been chosen to help us better conceptualize and analyze the relationships between historical, social, political and cultural formations, past and current communication practices, and emerging technological environments in both the Global North and Global South.


June 6-July 9, 2020

ARTH 202 (CRN 1397) (3 credits)
Introduction to Contemporary Art 
Prof. Julia Skelly
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
11:05 am-01:25 pm

Description coming soon. 

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