Undergraduate Summer Courses

Summer 2019

Art History

ARTH 200 (CRN 418) Introduction to Art History 1 (3 credits) Peter Boudreau & Nicolas Holt, MTWR, 08:35 AM-10:55 AM, Arts W-120

Description coming soon.

Communication Studies

COMS 200 (CRN 419) History of Communication (3 credits) Jonathan Rouleau, MTWR, 11:05 AM-01:25 PM, ARTS W-120

Description coming soon.

COMS 362 (CRN 1170) Selected Topics Communication Studies 2: "Ecology, Economy and Media" (3 credits) Burç Köstem, MTWR, 01:35 PM-03:55 PM, ARTS W-120

“In this actual world there is then not much point in counterposing or restating the great abstractions of Man and Nature…It will be ironic if one of the last forms of the separation between abstracted Man and abstracted Nature is an intellectual separation between economics and ecology (Raymond Williams 2005, 84).”

Course outline: This course builds on the foundations of social and critical thought to engage students in an intensive study of the terms “ecology” and “economy,” especially as they relate to contemporary themes in media and cultural studies. The course draws on key texts in social theory, as well as introducing the students to newer material in geography, media and cultural studies and political theory. By the end of the course students will develop a critical understanding of these terms from the standpoint of the humanities.

Course Requirements:
Participation Score – 10%
Weekly Response Papers – 60%
Final Assignment – 30%