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To apply for your visas, please download the appropriate application forms from the websites below, and follow the instructions given. You must apply for a Kenyan and an Ugandan visa prior to your departure. Apply for your Ugandan visa first, as they do not require a copy of your flight itinerary. You will have to wait to apply for your Kenyan Visa until you receive your confirmed airline ticket.

Apply for a single-entry, three-month tourist visa.

If you plan on staying longer than your three-month visa will permit, you can apply to renew your visa for a further three months once you are there.

If you are not Canadian but are studying in Canada, you may send your applications to the High Commissions in Canada while you reside there. If you reside elsewhere, please send your passport to the High Commission where you are located.

Kenyan visa application

Download the form and read the detailed visa requirements at:
The Kenya High Commission in Ottawa.

Ugandan visa application

Read the detailed visa requirements at:
e-Visa and more information at the Uganda High Commission in Ottawa.