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General requirements

Personal travel medical insurance with a minimum $1,000,000.00 CAD coverage is required to participate in the Canadian Field Studies in Africa Program. You must also make sure that your coverage includes air evacuation if necessary.

If you are planning on scuba diving (after the program), please ensure that your travel insurance policy covers this activity.

Canadian students - McGill degree students

If you are a Canadian McGill student, you can use your student health coverage (unless you have opted out of this plan). This plan covers students' travel insurance for academic study abroad programs including 60 days before and after the study period. The McGill insurance is provided by ASEQ and meets the above requirements.

In order to be covered by ASEQ, you must contact and inform them that you will be away. You will need to provide them with a copy of your acceptance letter as proof of participation. See the ASEQ website for details. You must provide the CFSIA office with proof that you will be covered.

Please note that you will only be covered while you are paying tuition fees at McGill. If you stay after the program for more than 60 days, or longer than you are paying fees at McGill, you will need to obtain extra medical insurance for the duration of that time.

To read more about your coverage with McGill please check the following websites:

International Students - McGill degree students

McGill has a compulsory group sickness and accident plan for all international students. This fee is automatically charged to international students.  To request the extended health insurance while participating in the Africa program contact International Student Services.

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