Booking guidelines

There are certain University procedures, policies, and services related to hosting an event at McGill which may influence your planning process and impact your budget. Depending on the event type, location, day, and time you may be required to pay for the following services:

About security

The University reserves the right to assess the security needs associated with events based on our perception of risk.

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This risk is assessed on an event-by-event basis and could include but is not limited to such factors as the following: expected number of attendees, event location, proximity of the event to certain sensitive or susceptible locations, potential noise or other impacts, nature of the activity, presence of alcohol, past experiences with events of similar nature, whether or not the event will attract attendees from outside of the immediate McGill community. The cost of providing what the University deems to be adequate security is to be borne by the group booking the space. To find out more about the University’s Security Services, visit their website.

About risk management

The University’s Risk Management and Insurance unit (514-398-6251) reviews applications for events on campus with regard to alcohol and to special installations. Recommendations to improve safety may be made and should be adopted prior to final approval.

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University faculties and departments are covered by the University’s insurance policy; however, student groups wishing to host an alcohol-related event on campus must provide proof of insurance when applying for a “Letter of Authorization” necessary to obtain a temporary (Reunion) permit from the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux. Requests for a “Letter of Authorization” must be submitted to Accommodations and Conference Services - Alcohol Permits.

External parties, including all service providers, are requested to present proof of $2,000,000 (min.) liability insurance coverage. The University must be named as an additional insured on their policy, which must contain a "cross liability and severability of interest” clause. Other forms of insurance may be required depending on the type of event. Additional information about the unit’s mandate is available on their website.

About fire prevention

All applications to host events on campus are reviewed by the Emergency Management Office to ensure that your safety and that of your guests is not compromised and that the requirements of current laws and regulations are met. Some of the issues that may be addressed are:

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  • Extinguishers and other fire protection equipment
  • Crowd control / emergency measures
  • Room capacity and fire exits
  • Decorations
  • Cooking, food warming
  • Furniture/chair setup
  • Temporary electrical installations
  • Tents, stages and other structures
  • BBQs and associated safety rules
  • Precautions for storage and garbage

EMO reviews all events on our campuses, no matter the size. Don’t hesitate to contact the department or visit their website if you have any questions during the planning stages of your project.

Current rates

An administration fee will be charged to student organizations and McGill departments for extra-curricular event bookings to cover the time dedicated to coordinating the booking. A rental is charged when rooms are booked for revenue-generating events, i.e. conferences, symposiums, workshops, etc. When Events Administrators are asked to provide a complete event management service, a coordination fee based on the complexity of the event will be charged.

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  • The University does not charge any fees for processing the alcohol permits; however, the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux will charge a fee for issuing appropriate documents.
  • Non-McGill organizations will be required to pay a rental fee for the use of space. Rental rates may be obtained from the Conference and Special Events Coordinator at 514-398- 7687 or permits.residences [at] . In addition, fees will apply for events which entail special services such as catering, audio-visual equipment and technical support.
  • On weekends and generally during building "silent hours" porter/cleaner services are required. In some buildings heating, ventilation and air conditioning is necessary. All organizations, whether part of the McGill community or not, may be required to hire and pay for the services associated with the event.

    For example:
    Friday evenings after 6:00 pm - cleaning charges apply
    Saturdays & Sundays - charges apply for porter, cleaning and, in some buildings, air ventilation.

    You can avoid these charges if you plan your event on a weekday during regular building hours. Not serving alcohol will also reduce the overall cost of your event.

    • McGill departments must provide a FOAPAL when requesting to book a room.
    • Student associations must pay for the booking two weeks in advance of the booking date. Payments are accepted by either a check made payable to McGill University or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Alcohol permits

If you intend to serve or sell alcohol at your event, you must obtain an alcohol permit. If you are a member of a student organization, you must provide proof of insurance. Please read our General Regulations Concerning the Use of Alcohol on Campus.

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In order to use the McGill Online Events Application system you must create a User ID and password; this information will be required each time you access the application. If you are accessing the system from your home or another location outside of the University campus, you must use a VPN connection. You may also access the application from any computer available on campus.
The following information will be useful when submitting your booking request:

  • Description of the event (i.e. title of the event, guest speaker information, advertising details)
  • FOAPAL (for faculties and departments)
  • Date and time of the event
  • Preferred venue (i.e. building name and room number)
  • Expected number of attendees
  • Additional requirements, such as setup, liquor permit, AV equipment, catering, etc.


If you are a media representative, please contact the Director of McGill Media Relations at (514)398-6752.


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