Exam Sign-Up Deadline

For all timed assessments, students must sign up a minimum of 14 days prior to the exam date.  

Review and Confirm Your Accommodations

All active students who completed their registration with Student Accessibility and Achievement before September 26th, 2022, must review and confirm their accommodations for the Fall 2022 semester. This can be done through the new Review and Confirm My Accommodations module in Clockwork.

Students will not have access to scheduling your tests and exams, requesting alternate format materials, Note-taking services through Clockwork, or sending Reasonable Consideration Requests to your instructors until this step is done.

Please review our How To Guide on Reviewing and Confirming Your Accommodations for step-by-step instructions.

Peer Mentoring

Student Accessibility and Achievement's Peer Mentor Program is designed to enrich the university experience of McGill students from diverse backgrounds who face barriers in university. Our goal is to facilitate access to learning and to support the inclusion of students throughout all stages of their university career.  

We are devoted to creating an inclusive, supportive, and transparent environment where students feel safe to explore different areas in their lives and receive support based on their individual needs. These areas include, but are not limited to: identifying and working towards short term and long term goals, transitioning to university, developing networks and skillsets, achieving academic goals with learning strategies, managing stressors, and learning about resources around campus. 

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