Exam Sign-Up Deadline

For all timed assessments, students must sign up a minimum of 14 days prior to the exam date.  

Review and Confirm Your Accommodations

All active students who completed their registration with Student Accessibility and Achievement before September 26th, 2022, must review and confirm their accommodations for the Fall 2022 semester. This can be done through the new Review and Confirm My Accommodations module in Clockwork.

Students will not have access to scheduling your tests and exams, requesting alternate format materials, Note-taking services through Clockwork, or sending Reasonable Consideration Requests to your instructors until this step is done.

Please review our How To Guide on Reviewing and Confirming Your Accommodations for step-by-step instructions.

Access Technology & Computing Resources

Technology Resources

Here are some quick technology resources you can access without making an appointment.

  • FileApps and software for writing - These are the slides from our workshop on Apps and Software to aid in writing. It offers some alternatives to Microsoft word along with some applications that can help organize and simplify your notes.
  • FileOrganizing your digital clutter - Here are the slides from another one of our workshops devoted to organizing your notes in a digital environment. It focuses on note-taking applications as well as other useful tools like reference library managers.
  • FileSelf regulation through assistive technology- These slides are from our workshop about using assistive technology to self-regulate so you can stay organized and accomplish tasks.

Access Technology Support

If you use adaptive technology or need help in learning how technology can help you gain greater access to your learning environment, please contact our Assistive Technology Support Specialist.

Students who are registered with Student Accessibility and Achievement can make an appointment for technical consultation on how to use a specific program or application by emailing our front reception at access.achieve [at] mcgill.ca.

Other resources on campus

Adapted workstations equipped with scanners, screen readers, and large print software may be found at the following locations:

  • McLennan Library Reference
  • Howard Ross Management Library
  • Education Library
  • Music Library
  • Health Sciences Library
  • Schulich Library of Science and Engineering

There are also a variety of digital voice recorders, laptops and other devices available for loan to all McGill students from Instructional Multimedia Services (IMS) Audiovisual Services located in Room 22 of the Redpath Library.

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