Exam Sign-Up Deadline

For all timed assessments, students must sign up a minimum of 14 days prior to the exam date.  

Review and Confirm Your Accommodations

All students who are actively registered with Student Accessibility and Achievement must review and confirm their accommodations for the Winter 2023 semester. This can be done through the new Review and Confirm My Accommodations module in Clockwork.

Students will not have access to scheduling your tests and exams, requesting alternate format materials, Note-taking services through Clockwork, or sending Reasonable Consideration Requests to your instructors until this step is done.

Please review our How To Guide on Reviewing and Confirming Your Accommodations for step-by-step instructions.

Time Management

Icon, orange circle with white monthly calendar inside  Time Management

Effective time management allows you to keep track of your goals, stay organized and get things done!

Time management is an important skill that can help you balance work, school, family and friends. It includes keeping track of all your obligations and due dates and being able to prioritize between different demands.


Student life requires three levels of time management:

Semester Schedule

Planning your semester schedule allows you to see the big picture, look ahead, and plan with all of your courses in mind. The goal here is to have a visual representation of what your whole semester looks like on one page. Fill it in using different colours for each class. Be sure to include the dates for all tests and assignments as well as how much they are worth.

Weekly Schedule

Planning a weekly schedule allows you to build routine and balance into your week. This planning makes space for each of your obligations while also providing time for you to relax and have fun. This process involves scheduling in your classes first, followed by your “life” requirements such as sleeping, eating, exercise and chores. Once all of these “non-negotiables” are in, you can then schedule in your study time!

Daily Schedule

Your daily schedule and to-do list are what allow you to plan out your day and accomplish your goals. This system for keeping track of your tasks involves two different lists: your ongoing to-do list and your daily to-do list. Your ongoing to-do list keeps track of everything you have to get done. It is called an “ongoing” list because it just keeps growing as you add to it throughout the semester. Your daily to-do list is what you plan to get done today. It is created by prioritizing your top 3-4 tasks from your ongoing list. Using this system allows you to stay on top of your assignments while prioritizing your tasks in a way that is motivating and keeps you from becoming overwhelmed.

Resources & Apps

Break Down Your Work


Avoid Distractions on Your Phone


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