Exam Sign-Up Deadline

For all timed assessments, students must sign up a minimum of 14 days prior to the exam date.  

ClockWork information sessions for students

Student Accessibility and Achievement will hold two virtual training sessions for registered students to learn more about ClockWork, our new online platform.

These one (1) hour trainings will be held on ZOOM and are intended for students who are registered with SAA. We will go over the basics of how to use Clockwork, including: how to review and confirm academic accommodations, booking appointments, signing up for exam accommodations and more!

Sign up for one of the trainings using the links below:

Learner Support

Here you will find access to tools and resources for skill development to support you along your academic journey. Learn how to manage your time, take effective notes, increase your memory and tackle tests like a pro. Each of the areas below provides opportunities to engage in skill and strategy development, helping you to become an effective learner and allowing you to show your full capabilities.

In the Fall 2020 Student Services Checking-In student survey, students identified five main areas of challenge: increased workload, motivation, finding a balanced schedule, time management, and remote group work. In response, you can find resources related to each of these challenges through the links below. Student Accessibility and Achievement also offers a series of learner support webinars that will touch on these key areas of challenge. 


various coloured pencils on white background

Need a little extra support with your academics? Our new Learner Support Programs can help!

Two students pointing at a computer screen

Looking for academic support and assistance?

pencil atop pieces of paper

McGill students shared tips and strategies for how they learn best. Check out what they said and try one for yourself!

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Be sure to take a look at our learner support postcards, containing skills you can practice to become more organized, efficient and motivated in your studies.

Learner Support Webinars

Each semester our Learner Support Specialist creates and presents webinars to help you get the most out of your academic life and show your true capabilities.

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