Submitting Official Documents from Institutions in the People’s Republic of China

You have been directed to this page because you have received an offer of admission to a graduate program at McGill University, and action is needed to verify the academic credentials that you submitted to McGill during the application process.
You submitted academic records that originated from institutions in the People’s Republic of China. Recently McGill has entered into an agreement with The National Student Clearinghouse, China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) and the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) to verify and electronically transmit your academic records to us.  We ask that you contact both CHESICC (for official transcripts) and the CDGDC (for degree certificates) and request that your transcripts and degree certificate(s), if applicable, be sent to McGill.
In order to fulfill your conditions of admission, McGill requires that you provide the following electronically:

  1. Final Official Transcripts – English and Chinese from CHESSICC
  2. Degree Certificate(s) – English only from CDGDC

Paper documents from students will not be accepted.

Please note that if you have attended an institution in a special administrative region (e.g. Hong Kong) you will not be able to request your credentials to be sent via CDGDC or CHESSICC. Please have your institution send these documents directly to McGill by mail.
Instructions on how to request your records can be viewed at the following web sites:
CHESICC order Link (for official transcripts):

CDGDC order Link (for degree certificates):

CHESICC How to Apply Link:

To ensure ample time for processing of your academic credentials, we once again strongly recommend that you make the request for submission of your documents as early as possible.
Customer Service Information:
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+86(10) 82370827