Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscope for looking within ~100 nm of the microscope slide. Specifically well suited for endocytosis, exocytosis, adhesion and membrane protein/lipid studies.


  • Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF)
  • Variable pinhole Spinning Disk Confocal
  • Rapid simultaneous two colour imaging on EMCCD
  • Live cell incubation chamber – temperature control, 5% CO2

Light Sources:

  • Halogen Lamp for Transmitted Light
  • Wide Field Microscopy - X-Cite 120 LED (370-700nm), 100W
  • Diode Laser - 488nm with FLCRtm control system
  • Diode Laser - 561nm
  • Diode Laser - 642 nm


  • 10X EC PLAN-NEOFLUAR, NA=0.30 Ph1
  • 20X LD ACHROPLAN, NA=0.40 Korr

Fluorescence Filter Cubes:

  • EGFP (ET 525/50nm)
  • mCherry (ET 620/60nm)
  • EGFP/mCherry Dual Cube

Fluorescence Probes:

  • EGFP
  • mCherry
  • Cy5/IR-FP


  • Hamamatsu ImageEMX2 EM-CCD Cameras

Additional Features:

  • DIC Optics
  • High resolution sequential multi-colour imaging


Located in McIntyre, Room 1036.


This equipment is generously shared with the McGill CFTRc
We at the ABIF are grateful for these and other McGill initiatives to foster larger community bonds, and hope you will read more about our other associated facilities.