Dr. Joseph Levitan, DISE, New Book on Fostering Equity and Diversity in Schools through Student Voice Research


Published: 1Sep2022

Dr. Joseph Levitan, DISE, with Dr. Marc Brasof, have a new volume out entitled, "Student Voice Research: Theory, Methods and Innovations from the Field" published by Teachers College Press.

This powerful resource is for researchers and educational leaders who are interested in understanding and applying research methods that emphasize youth voice.

The authors argue that most educational research either omits critical understandings of youth or, even worse, presents inaccuracies due to faulty techniques. Researching how youth experience their schools and communities requires specific conceptual tools that address researcher bias, power dynamics, and the contextual considerations that impact meaning-making processes. Responding to these issues, the authors present the Student Voice Research Framework—an approach that both novice and advanced researchers can use to address assumptions and overcome bias as they engage with youth.

Readers are provided with clear steps for implementing the framework, as well as examples of how some of the most innovative qualitative and quantitative researchers in the world are using it.

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