Associate Professor Philip S. S. Howard (DISE) Publishes New Monograph with the University of Toronto Press Reporting on his Research into Contemporary Blackface in Canada

Published: 13 February 2023

Associate Professor Philip S. S. Howard (DISE) publishes new monograph with the University of Toronto Press, entitled: Performing Postracialism: Reflections on Antiblackness, Nation, and Education through Contemporary Blackface in Canada.  This book is one of the outputs from his SSHRC funded research into contemporary blackface in Canada.

Performing Postracialism explores the reasons that the antiblack practice of blackface continues to be prevalent in the ostensibly multicultural and egalitarian Canadian state, and particularly, why this phenomenon shows up most often in the context of dominant institutions of education and schooling (such as universities and schools).

As Howard argues, by attending to blackface and the discourses surrounding it, we simultaneously "gain access to the ways in which antiblackness is instantiated in the settler-colonial nation state and its institutions, what it might mean to navigate this contradictory postracialist climate as a Black person, and especially how Black people struggle against, occasionally fall for, and/or make life in spite of its seductions."


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