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How your feedback built the homepage

What you told us: The gist

We’re thrilled about the new design, but you deserve a lot of the credit.

In two surveys last year – with more than 6,000 responses – you told us that different McGill.ca users have very different needs.  You also told us that those needs can be divided pretty cleanly into three groups: 

  • Current students;
  • Staff and faculty; and
  • People visiting us from outside of McGill, like prospective students, alumni and the general community.

It turns out that the needs of these three groups overlap less than we expected, aside from a desire for:

  • Easier access to tools like Minerva and e-mail; and
  • A home page that's cleaner, airier, and way less cluttered.

What we did about it

So the question was: how can we give all these groups what they want without cluttering the home page even more?  The answer: a different home page experience for each group, so everyone always has easy access to what they need – without sifting through what they don't.

To find out what you thought of this idea, we put out a second survey that asked if you would use this kind of customized home page. Here's what you told us:

Prospective studentsCurrent studentsStaff/FacultyTotal
Yes 60% 70% 60.5% 67.5%
No 15% 7% 12.5% 9.5%
Maybe 25% 19% 23% 20.5%
No response - 4% 4% 2.5%

The result was a resounding "yes!" and so with this information in hand, we got to work building three separate home pages to respond to all your needs.  We hope you like them!

What you told us: The details

Here's some more detail on what your feedback told us:

  • 81% of you said that the McGill home page is usually your point of entry into McGill.ca.  That means it's important to you, so we had to get it right.
  • A whopping 88% of you answered Yes or Maybe when asked if you might use audience-specific home pages.
  • You want better access to tools like Minerva, myMcGill and e-mail - far and away the most common request across all audience groups.
  • Apart from tools, different audience groups are looking for very different things from their home page.
  • There's a good deal of overlap between the needs of undergraduate and graduate students, and between the needs of faculty and staff. 
  • You found the old home page cluttered, and don't want to be bombarded with information that isn't important to you.
  • Each group found it difficult to find information geared towards them. For prospective students, this meant admissions info.  For current students it was student services.  Staff and faculty mainly wanted HR. 
  • Ranking the old website in terms of navigability and ease of use, you gave it an overall score of 3 out of 5leaving a lot of room for improvement.