7 new features – and how to use them

1. The gear icon: all your tools in one place.

Homepage layout

Gear iconThis handy little symbol opens up a menu that gives links to tools you need, like Minerva, e-mail, and myCourses. You told us you wanted much easier access to these tools, and we heard you loud and clear.

2. Choose the home page that fits you best.

Choose your homepage
These links up at the top of the page take you to alternative home pages full of content that's relevant to different audiences. The "Prospective Students" and "Alumni" links take you to different sections of the site, but "Current Students" and "Faculty/Staff" take you to home pages that look just like the main McGill.ca home page, except with content and links exclusively focused on a particular group.

You can pick the home page that's geared toward your needs.  On the home page for Students, you'll see exam and library information without having to wade through admissions and HR content.  On the Faculty/Staff page, you can get straight to Banner and your benefits info without seeing Open House events for prospective students.  To save time, you can even set the appropriate page as your browser's home page, so that you'll get the links and content that matter to you even faster.

Of course if you like, you can still flip back and forth between home pages, to get a feel for what's going on all over McGill.

3. The main slideshow: bigger, bolder and brighter

The new home page slideshow works a lot like the old one, except that content is now customized to a specific audience. Like pretty much everything else on the home page, it'll give you more of what matters to you – and less of what doesn't.Main slideshow

The new slideshow is also bigger, more attractive and easier to navigate, with clear, easy-to-see arrows to help you get around, and we'll do our very best to keep the images you see there colourful and interesting.

4. A secondary slideshow

FeaturesBelow the main slideshow, you'll find a smaller slideshow that highlights other timely information we think might interest you. You can use the arrows to scroll through the slides, and like the main slideshow, its content is customized for students, staff or external audiences.

5. News and Events that matter to you.

News and EventsAgain, this content is customized by audience to save you time and frustration.  We're hoping to supplement this tool with a "Most Viewed" tab in the coming months, to give you a feel for what news and events other people are reading about.

Popular pagesClick on the right hand tab – "Popular Tools" – and you'll find more links to Minerva, e-mail, myMcGill and more. You told us that quick access to these tools was important to you, so we gave you more than one way to reach them.The tab on the left features the most relevant Web pages at a given time.  During exam season, say, the student-oriented home page will include a link to the exam schedule.  Important sites should pop up there when you're likely to need them most.

In the footer, you'll find a whole host of practical links connecting you to our campus – things like the Virtual Tour, campus maps and McGill's general contact info.

The footer will also contain our social media links, so you can stay connected with McGill through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.  And in an urgent situation, you can find emergency phone numbers there for both McGill campuses.