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Patricia Dobkin, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, McGill University
Medical Scientist, The McGill University Health Centre
Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher






 Dr. Dobkin is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and has been a faculty member in the Department of Medicine at McGill University for the past 20 years. She is affiliated with McGill Programs in Whole Person Care and she teaches undergraduate and medical students out of the Departments of Social Studies in Medicine and Psychology. Dr. Dobkin obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology in the United States, interned at Rochester (New York) Medical Center and completed her post-doctoral training at McGill University. Her specialty is Mind-Body Medicine. Dr. Dobkin has published >100 articles and book chapters in medical and psychological journals and has presented her work internationally in various conference venues. She works in English and French.

Dr. Dobkin has provided and studied psychosocial programs entitled, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Medical Practice for the past 9 years. While most research pertaining to these programs show positive mental and physical health outcomes, relatively few have examined the processes underlying these benefits. Moreover, there is a paucity of research with regard to how MBSR impacts health professionals’ well-being. She, along with her students and colleagues, is filling this gap.

A presentation on the mindfulness work that Dr. Dobkin conducts at McGill University with medical students, residents, physicians and other health care professionals, as well as patients with chronic illnesses was delivered at the MUHC Grand Rounds, Department of Medicine,  on November 27, 2012. To see the video, please click here.