Mindful Medical Practice / La pratique clinique en pleine conscience

Institut de formation en thérapie comportementale & cognitive

Dr. Patricia Dobkin will give a workshop on March 10, 2017 (in English) and on April 7, 2017 (in French). This 6-hour workshop will begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:30 pm and will be held in Centre St. Pierre (1212 rue Panet), room 200. For more information and registration, please see:

Douglas Hospital Grand Rounds

Bowerman Room, Dobell Pavilion, Douglas Hospital, Montreal, March 2, 2017, 12:00 pm

Dr. Patricia Dobkin will give a presentation on Mindfulness in Psychiatry.

Canadian Integrative Healthcare Symposium: Expanding Person-Centered Care through Integrative Health Research

Bloor Yorkville Marriott Hotel, Toronto, ON, November 17-19, 2016

Dr. Patricia Dobkin is the keynote speaker and will talk on November 18, 2016, on Promoting Healing Through Mindful Whole Person Care.

Mindfulness in Healthcare

True North Insight is partnering with Mindfulness MTL (MMTL), a new, non-profit organization with the mission of bringing together mindfulness practitioners and professionals in Montreal. 

This fall, MMTL will be hosting its inaugural conference, on the theme of Mindfulness in Healthcare. The conference will feature talks and practices led by leaders in the Montreal mindfulness community including Pascal Auclair, Dr. Patricia Dobkin, and Dr. Robert Béliveau. The headliner is guest Dr. Zindel Segal from the University of Toronto. 

Information about the conference, including how to register, can be found here. OPQ credits and medical CE credits are available.

Mindful Medical Practitioners: A Guide for Clinicians and Educators
Authors: Dobkin, Patricia Lynn & Hassed, Craig Stephen

Following up on Mindful Medical Practice, this book describes in detail how mindfulness is being taught to medical students, residents, practicing physicians, and allied health care professionals. Steps to set up and integrate programs into curricula are featured and educators’ questions concerning practical aspects of doing this work are addressed. The argument on how to promote the kinds of leadership and cultural changes necessary are also discussed along with the many challenges facing health professionals in multiple settings. Mindful Medical Practitioners is an invaluable resource that raises interest, provides a rationale and details how to integrate mindfulness into clinical work and serves as a guide for those qualified to teach it. To buy the book, go to:

Mindful Medical Practice: Clinical Narratives and Therapeutic Insights
Editor: Dobkin, Patricia Lynn

This book is about being mindful in clinical practice and how mindfulness enhances the quality of patient care while adding depth and meaning to a clinicians’ work. Chapters include narratives from clinicians who consciously apply mindfulness in real life settings.  Authors from various settings provide examples that capture how emergent mindfulness is. Mindful Medical Practice demonstrates to physicians, residents and students how mindfulness enriches both their practices and lives. To buy the book, go to

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