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The Wainwright Fund in Civil Law

Justice Yves-Marie Morissette (centre) on "Aspects historiques et analytiques de l'appel en matière civile" on October 4, 2012. Read about this Wainwright Lecture in Focus online.

Prof. François Ost gave a Wainwright Lecture titled "Le marchand de Venise. Le pari et la dette, le jeu et la loi." Law students also performed an excerpt Ost's play, Antigone Voilée, before the talk. Read about Law & Litterature in Focus online.

On December 16, 2010, Professor Daniel Jutras, Dean of the Faculty of Law, became the newest holder of the Wainwright Chair in Civil Law.

[1 Apr 09] Alain Prujiner (on left) and Frédéric Bachand (on right) discuss the Smart Systems Technologies case and international arbitration.

[9 Feb 09] Emeritus Prof. P.-A. Crépeau raises a point with Benoît Moore and Christophe Jamin during a workshop on French contract law reform.

Prof. Vernon Valentine Palmer, Tulane U., gave a Wainwright Lecture on 25 March 2008 entitled "Quebec and her Sisters in the Third Legal Family." You can read his paper [.pdf] in the McGill Law Journal.

The Wainwright Fund was established under the terms of the will of the late Arnold Wainwright, Q.C., who bequeathed a generous sum to promote the research and advancement of civil law at McGill University. Me. Wainwright taught civil law at the Faculty of Law of McGill from 1909 until 1934, after which he was named emeritus professor. In 1963, the University presented him with a doctorate of civil law honoris causa in recognition of his invaluable contributions to the legal profession and to scholarship in civil law.

The Faculty of Law of McGill University established the Wainwright Fund, whose capital is guaranteed against inflation. The wide mandate of the Fund allows the Faculty to perpetuate, year after year, the remarkable contributions of this eminent Quebec jurist.

Chair of the Wainwright Committee

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