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Printing Policy

Effective September 2010, all units reporting to the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance, are requested to adhere to the following printing policy - uPrint. The uPrint Administrative Policy outlines the purchase and use of copier, fax, multifunctional printer and scan devices within all units under the Administration and Finance structure. As per the policy, purchases of new copier, fax, multifunctional, printer and scan devices outside of the uPrint fleet are no longer permitted.

Together, we can lessen the impact of our printing and impression needs, while serving as a model for the rest of the University community in adopting this environmentally friendly and cost-efficient document-handling system.

uPrint Administrative Policy and You

If Xerox MFDs have already been installed in your area, please learn and take advantage of the full capabilities this new technology provides. Instructions can be found at: http://kb.mcgill.ca/it/uprint-staff

uPrint Administrative Policy