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Key Controls Checklist

A Comprehensive Tool to Help you Manage your Unit/Department.

Good governance and effective administration are common goals shared by members of the University community.  The Key Controls Checklist (KCC) was developed in order to help you manage your Unit and ensure that effective control mechanisms are in place.   

Created by Internal Audit as an auditing tool, the KCC was redesigned as a comprehensive checklist to help identify the controls - or “must-do’s” - that are key to ensuring accountability and effective management within your units/departments. 

Benefits of Using the KCC

  • Helps establish effective unit management processes
  • Helps design an effective control environment
  • Helps highlight problem areas
  • Helps clarify individual responsibilities
  • Promotes continuous improvement
  • Provides consistent and transparent controls
  • Fosters accountability

As in all organizations, controls and procedures change over time. In an effort to make the KCC as valuable as possible, we are committed to consistently providing up-to-date information. In addition, we welcome your suggestions for improving future versions of this tool.

Current Format:  Both a PDF and Word version of the KCC are available here. The Word document is not protected, which will allow you flexibility to complete the exercise and/or add controls that may be specific to your unit/department.

Future Format: We are working towards making the KCC an interactive, web-based tool to further facilitate its use.   

We hope the KCC will become a key element in administering your units/departments and that you will promote its value to your colleagues.

Please forward your questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement to gracy [dot] pardillo [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Gracy Pardillo) .