Useful links

The following is a large collection of links relevant to urban planning. Students may find many of these links useful both for studio projects and for the preparation of research papers. Links of general interest are listed below. Other links have been organized into six categories:


  1. Key Topics in Urban Planning
    Links on public space, transportation, and housing

  2. Research- and Practice-Related
    Links to various research groups and institutions active in areas relevant to urban planning, including the major professional organisations and real-estate resources

  3. Relevant Publications
    Links to relevant scholarly journals and other planning-related publications

  4. Online Resources
    Links to a variety of online information sources, including links to online maps and air photos.

  5. Language, Thought, and Effective Writing
    Links to style guides, professional writing, and other material useful for research and writing endeavours

  6. Montréal
    Links to key local government agencies plus a few general interest links

NOTE: The links on these pages are provided for information purposes only. The listing of a link does not constitute an endorsement of the site content.


General Interest Links

AESOP - Association of European Schools of Planning

APA - American Planning Association

API - Atlantic Planners Institute

The Bakewell Project (England)

CIP - Canadian Institute of Planners

Cyburbia: the urban planning portal

German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt)

The Green Belt Movement

Green Tourism Association (Toronto)

Institut d'urbanisme (Université de Montréal)

OPPI - Ontario Professional Planners Institute

OUQ - Ordre des urbanistes du Québec (in French only)

Planetizen Planning & Development Network

Planning Amidst Diversity: The Challenges of Multiculturalism in Urban and Suburban Greater Toronto (Ph.D. Thesis)

Planning Bibliographies (University of Nottingham)

Planetizen Planning & Development Network

Planning the Post-Sprawl Era
Proceedings of a 2001 conference at the University of Southern California

Planning Resource Online (UK)

Projet PACTE Myrand
Participative planning project for a part of the Université Laval campus

Québec urbain
Québec City Planning / Urban Design Division

RMI - Rocky Mountain Institute

RTPI - Royal Town Planning Institute (UK)

San Francisco Density / Urban Form Explorer

Terrestrial Ecozones Map (Atlas of Canada)

Town and Traffic Foundation

The Urban Ecologist (newsletter)